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Music and Movement

Movement Props

From the Stretchy Band to balloon balls, from beanbags to scarves, we offer colorful, soft, and tactile-friendly movement props.

Classroom Sets

Design and build your own classroom set that is customized just for your setting — whether it be a classroom, a therapy room, or a library!

Bags & Totes

Get organized through our line of bags and totes for all types of movement props and selected musical instruments.


Music selections from Miss Carole of Macaroni Soup, a.e.IDEAS, and a selection of hand instruments.  These include egg shakers, kazoo, castanet, and rhythm sticks.

Personal Student Kits

Personal student kits offer creative movement props and music instruments sets for distance learning or in person sessions.

How Do Bear Paw Creek Products Help?

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Helping your clients and students hit their goals.

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Easily and quickly finding your movement props for your next group, class, or session.

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Taking your classes and sessions to the next level.

Bear Paw Creek equips teachers, therapists, and parents as they seek to enrich the lives of others through music and movement.

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Bear Paw Creek Family Business Features Little Hands Helping Toddler Activity Props

Bear Paw Creek Family Business Features Little Hands Helping

Bear Paw Creek Family Business Features Little Hands Helping Here is one of my little helpers! She thinks she’s doing big stuff. As long as she doesn’t touch the tension on my machines – we’re all good. The other week, my first and longest wholesale […]

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Stretchy Band “Movin’ in the Circle” Creative Movement Song

Stretchy Band “Movin’ in the Circle” Creative Movement Song A year ago my sister came for a visit and we were able to do a video shoot using the Stretchy Band™.  I am so excited to FINALLY have the first video up and ready for […]

Personal Stretchy Band, Balloon Ball, and Tone Chime Review

Vicki Gross from   I have the personal stretchy band, which I personally use for exercising. I have the tone chime case, which totally lightens my load each day as I can decide if I am using an octave of 8 chimes, a pentatonic group, […]

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