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One of the most exciting and fun things for Janet, since founding Bear Paw Creek in 2000, is the connections she is making around the world. These doors started opening up with the rise of technology. With the power of WordPress for building websites and social media platforms like: Facebook, YouTube,  Instagram, and Twitter, the ability to connect virtually has grown exponentially! We also love seeing videos and pictures that people share when creating their own music and movement content from home.

Here are some people that Janet has been blessed to be connected with. The beauty of these connections is how it can benefit so many people in diverse ways.  From lesson plans, music, activity ideas and more, our friends have amazing content and resources that will be sure to get your creative juices flowing as well as inspire your home and classroom setting. We have provided links in each description so be sure to check them out!

Carole Stephens

Macaroni Soup

From product suggestions to writing and performing music to use with our creative movement props, Carole hits it out of the ballpark! Her music is fantastic for getting kids moving, learning, and actively playing. We even created a custom Balloon Ball to go with her "Sticky Bubblegum" album. To learn more about Miss Carole and to check out all of her music, click here!

Nancy Kopman

Nancy Kopman is an Early Childhood Educator, recording artist, performer and music curriculum builder. Her "Music With a Purpose" is used by educators, therapists, caregivers and families worldwide. Nancy's songs and classes (both in-person and online) focus on movement, connection and learning together while having fun.

Learn along with Nancy here!

Andrea Trench

DiscoverDance is a dance community dedicated to learning, creating, and educating the early years. In 2018, DiscoverDance partnered with Bear Paw Creek to create the DiscoverDance Movement Prop Collection. Incorporating creative movement props with the DiscoverDance conceptual explorations enhances the early childhood learning experience. Below you will find movement activities, music suggestions, and props from the collection.
Happy Exploring!

Dynamic Lynks

Dynamic Lynks is a music therapy center that uses music and movement to facilitate skill development in individuals of all ages and abilities. They provide individual and group music therapy sessions, children's yoga, as well as traditional and adapted voice, piano, guitar and ukulele lessons. Dynamic Lynks creates original songs and curriculums for individuals of all ages to work on relaxation, regulation, communication, cognitive, and motor skills. They love creating songs and resources to use with Janet's movement props. Check out their workbooks, songs, and bundles! We also partnered with them to create a Dynamic Lynks Music and Movement Kit, check it out here

Rachel Rambach MM, MT-BC

Listen Learn Music and Music Therapy Connections

Rachel Rambach has combined her interests and skills for one purpose: to make peoples' lives better through music. Whether it's through original songs, serving community through her business, or singing with her own children, Listen & Learn Music and Music Therapy Connections is where she shares all of her musical endeavors.  Rachel and her team have wrote many amazing songs that go with our movement props and they continue share music and lesson plans. Making it easy to plan sessions, activities, and more. We also offer a Listen & Learn Creative Music and Movement Prop Set which will help get your kids learning and moving, all while having fun!

Music With Mar

Music with Mar., created by Maryann “Mar.” Harman, is an internationally respected company dedicated to using music and movement to teach children skills they will need for a successful, happy life and train adults on incorporating music into their lives. She is dedicated to bringing quality, brain based music and workshops to children, families, teachers and groups. She has written a book, Building Brains with Music: A must have guide on how to use music to enhance brain development. Bear Paw Creek also partnered with Mar to create the Music with Mar. Student Manipulative Kit. The kit contains BPC's creative movement props as well as downloadable songs from Mar's vast music collection! She also has a YouTube playlist dedicated to songs that go with our products, check it out here!

Music for Kiddos

Music for Kiddos was created by Stephanie Leavell MT-BC and is dedicated to providing high-quality children's music resources for music therapists, music educators, and parents. Not only does Stephanie write truly amazing music, she also has continuing education courses, a podcast, and offers an online resource membership community. On top of all that, she hosts an online conference each year created exclusively for music therapists and music educators who work with kids. Many of her songs work well with our creative movement products, we especially love the Stretchy Band songs she wrote. Check it out here and make sure you follow Music For Kiddos on social media. You can also subscribe to their monthly newsletter so you don't miss any announcements!

Sandra Hendrickson

Sandra from Sing Play Create has a bounty of useful activity ideas, songs, videos, and so much more. She produces wonderful music and movement bundles for the stretchy band, balloon ball, bean bags, scarves and streamers. Sandra also has two YouTube channels that have so much educational and fun content. Make sure you check them out at: Sing Play Create Educational Music Channel and Sing Play Create Teaching Tips. You can also check out her TPT store where she has hundreds of items that are sure to help you in your music and movement journey!

Kathy Schumacher, MT-BC

Kathy, Janet's sister, of Tuneful Teaching has been a huge part of Bear Paw Creek's creation. It was a conversation with her that planted the seed for BPC. Kathy specializes in reaching children with special needs and maximizing the potential of all children through music based learning. Kathy has a passion for teaching people with diverse learning styles how to read. She has written over 200 songs to meet specific client needs and is the author of Alphabet Stew and Chocolate Too! – Songs for Developing Phonological Awareness, Literacy and Communication Skills. Check out all of the other teaching and learning resources she offers here, along with the Tuneful Teaching Music & Movement Kit!

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