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Personal Student Kits

Bear Paw Creek’s personal student kits offer creative movement props and music instruments sets for music therapy distance learning or in person sessions, to minimize shared materials. Includes collaborations with Beyond Words Music Kit, DiscoverDance, Dynamic Lynks, and G-Clef Therapy and Lessons, Music with Mar, RhythmWorks Music Therapy, Stories that Sing, and Tuneful Teaching.

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  • Sale! Best Creative Movement Products Circle Time Early Childhood The Tuneful Home Pack ParentsQuick View

    The Tuneful Home Pack

  • Sale! Best Children's Music Products Circle Time Music Education Stories That Sing Plus Movement Pack Distance LearningQuick View
  • Sale! Unique Distance Learning Music Therapy Package Beyond Words Music and Dance Center ParentsQuick View

    Beyond Words Music Kit

  • Sale! Unique Music Therapy Props Distance Learning Children's Librarians Music With Mar Deluxe Manipulative Music Learning Invidual Kit ParentsQuick View
  • G-Clef Music Play Date Kit

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