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Once Upon a Dance Book and Creative Movement Scarf Set

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Once Upon a Dance Book and Creative Movement Scarf Set


Bear Paw Creek and Once Upon a Dance have collaborated to make a book and creative movement scarf set that will encourage active participation and creative movement in your children or students.

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Grab a scarf and join the fun! 

Bear Paw Creek and Once Upon a Dance have collaborated to bring you a new book and creative movement scarf set. Kids will love dancing along with Tammy, Ballerina Konora, and their new friends in this sweet adventure that’s perfect for preschool and kindergarten  kids and classrooms.

Readers are invited to stretch, spin, jump and more as they act out the journey to find Tammy. Kids are invited to use a creative movement scarf as a backpack, a paddle, butterfly wings, a towel, and a pillow to enhance the fun and explore the movements, dance fundamentals, and early-learning concepts.

Items Included in This Set: 

  1. One hardcover copy of Tammy the Troll: A Dance in the Forest
  2. One 25″ purple Bear Paw Creek Creative Movement Scarf
  3. One 25″ green Bear Paw Creek Creative Movement Scarf

If you’re a teacher with a large class size or a parent with multiple children and need more than the two scarves in the kit, you can order more individual scarves to fit your needs here. You can stick with the purple and green provided or, you can get creative by expanding your scarf colors with the many options we have available.

Tammy the Troll: A Dance in the Forest is ideal for ages 3-6. As kids move along with the book’s diverse characters, they explore levels, direction, spatial awareness, emotions, balance, movement quality, and more.

Included Movements:

  • • Tiptoe • Forward Stretch • March • Squat • Spin • Crawl • Jumping Turn • Toe Tap • Flex/Point • Sashay/Chassé • Lifted Leg Side/Front • Bow/Curtsy • Roll • Twist

Featured Concepts:

  • Identifying Body Parts • Shoulder/Arm/Wrist/Finger/Neck Isolation • Direction: Forward/Backward/Sideways • Levels • Shapes • Movement Quality • Tactile Sensation • Cross Lateral Movement • Emotions • Following/Personal Space

Dance stories are a wonderful way to combine books and movement for kids who love both. Tammy the Trolls: A Dance in the Forest is perfect for dance class, creative movement play, physical education, or any setting where children are inspired to explore and express themselves. If you’re a caregiver, daycare provider, or teacher working with preschoolers, kindergarteners, or first-graders, your kids will love this active adventure. Tammy the Troll is a collaboration with Pacific Northwest Ballet instructor Dina McDermott, who used this story in her creative movement classes for decades.

Once Upon a Dance has won over 40 book awards including Family Choice and Mom’s Choice Gold Awards. The mom-daughter team earned a Kirkus Reviews Starred Review and was named Top 10 Author of 2022 by Outstanding Creator Awards.

Bear Paw Creek is proud and excited to be partnering with them to bring you another wonderful book and creative movement scarf set to inspire your children and students during music and movement time. If you would like to read more about this set and the items included, check out this blog post.

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