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Hand Instruments

Hand Instruments


Bear Paw Creek is excited to offer small hand instruments to our line of music and movement props.  Egg shakers, castanets, kazoos, and rhythm sticks offered below.


Bear Paw Creek Instruments

Small hand instruments are a great way to incorporate creative live music making with groups.  There are studies that show how live music effects a person more than recorded.  To actively participate in group music is to bring a feeling of teamwork and joy.  Music activities can incorporate creative movement, listening lessons, brain integration, and more, all while actively playing.  We are excited to offer some small instruments along with our movement products and music choices.


Individual:  $3.75

Set of 6 in storage bag: $19.50

Best Music Activities Bear Paw Creek Eggshakers Let's Play Music Eucators and Therapists

Instrument Pack includes set of rhythm sticks, one each: egg shaker, castanet, and kazoo (colors will vary) $12.50

Rainbow Action Songs Lessons Rainbow Preschool Bear Paw Creek Instruments Discover Dance Home Schoolers


Castanets:  $0.95

Top Music Therapy Early Childhood Yellow Plastic Castanet Kindermusik Early Education Teachers


Kazoo: $0.95

Fun Music Education Tools Rhythm Blue Plastic Kazoo Instrument Make Moments Matter with David Row Parents


Rhythm Sticks:  $4.50

Best Cooperative Games Community Music Therapy Green Plastic Rhythm Sticks Music Rhapsody Pre K Teachers

Chiquitas/Pair: $3.75



Top Music Games Activities Dance Orff Method Chiquitas Wigglepods Music Educators


Eggshaker, Rhythm Sticks, Castanet, Kazoo, Set of 6 Eggshakers, Instrument Pack, Chiquitas


Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Set of 6 Eggshakers, Instrument Pack Colors Vary


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