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Individual Creative Movement Chiffon Scarves

Individual Creative Movement Chiffon Scarves


These vibrant colored chiffon scarves stimulate the senses, encourage creative movement, and improve auditory focus for the participants. Create dances and move freely to the music, give directions that enhance understanding of color, place and sequence. Enhance and improve hand-eye coordination. The chiffon scarves are an open-ended tool of infinite possibilities, limited only by the user’s imagination. Dance, smile, imagine and listen to the music! Enjoy the chiffon scarves by yourself, with caregivers/or clients.

Need only a few chiffon scarves or certain colors?

These brightly colored chiffon scarves provide visual and kinesthetic reinforcement as they move through space with beautiful and flowing movement. They reinforce concepts of shape, size, colors, and space. They allow for active participation and hands on learning. Creative movement chiffon scarves allow exploration of musical phrase, melodic direction and mood. They are an open-ended tool of infinite possibility, limited only by the user.

Ideas and Inspiration for Chiffon Scarves:

  • Dance to the music, using the flowing scarf movement to interpret it
  • Use for costumes.
  • Use for puppet show scenery.
  • Use as a play surface: blue=water, white=snow, green=grass, etc.
  • Dress up stuffed animal or doll.
  • Learn to juggle.
  • Twist to learn how to braid.
  • Cover a table for a tea party.
  • Write letters, numbers, and shapes in the air with the scarves.
  • Name the colors of the scarves.Learn how to fold and put them away.
  • For movement, especially for music with long, flowing phrases.
  • To create a visual representation of a mood in non-metered poetry.
  • Dance, play, smile, imagine, and enjoy the scarves and each other.

Color and size choices below for creative movement chiffon scarves.

15″ – $2.00               25″ –  $4              36″ – $7               50″ – $10
  • red
  • pink
  • orange
  • yellow
  • kelly green
  • lime green
  • royal blue
  • medium blue
  • purple
  • lavender
  • white
  • black

Chiffon Scarves Twelve Colors Red Orange Yellow Green Lime Royal Blue Sky Blue Purple Lavendar Pink Black and White

9 Foot Canopies – $35

  • red
  • royal
  • white
  • black
  • pink
  • lavender

Chiffon Scarves Nine Foot Canopy Square Dance Therapy Tools Discover Dance Music Educators



15 inch, 25 inch, 36 inch, 50 inch, 9' Canopy


Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Kelly Green, Lime Green, Royal Blue, Medium Blue, Purple, Lavender, White, Black


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