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Stretchy Band


Stretchy Band

(11 customer reviews)


Since 2000, Bear Paw Creek’s bestselling stretchy band has been a music and movement prop must have.  Order yours today and join this creative learning activity! PRODUCT OPTIONS BELOW.

Stretchy Band

These bright Stretchy Bands** are made of latex or latex free tubing covered with fabric and include a hook and loop closure.  They are great for practicing numerous goal areas and group activities. Practice making shapes, rhythm, and boundary issues. Music Therapists, Music Together, and Music Educators love using this movement prop with their clients and students.

Kids also love to play group games with the stretchy bands. Includes a drawstring bag, activity sheet, and is machine washable.  Available in five different sizes.

Latex vs. Latex Free?

We have been using latex tubing since 2000.  In 2012, at the request of a customer we began offering latex free as well.  We always recommend the latex version if latex free is not a concern.  The latex has more of a bounce feeling and give than the latex free.  Since latex is a main component of rubber, that makes sense.  Manufacturer recommends latex over latex free for durability and experience.

Personal  is perfect for one on one use, or individual use. It is 4.5 feet in circumference.   $29

Small is 6 feet in circumference ~ 2-5 people or 6 children.   $41

Medium is 12 feet in circumference ~ 5-8 people or 10 children. $59

Large is 18 feet in circumference ~ 8-11 people or 22 children.  $76

XL  is 24 feet in circumference ~ 11-14 people or 28 children.   $93

Colorful Creative Movement Products Community Music Therapy Large Stretchy Band

Connect-a-Stretchy Band

Connect-a- Stretchy Bands** will include a storage bag that will fit the total ordered.  If you would like more than one bag, please let us know in the comments section when you order.

You can use it straight for a walking rope for preschool or groups, in a train songs, parades, etc. Buckle it together to make a circle and use for circle dances, movement, boundary issues, teaching opposites, colors, and so much more!  Check out this post written on a music movement activity suggested by a customer, making apple pie.

Connect-a-Stretchy Bands are 6 feet long and each section is great for 2-5 adults or 10 children.

Latex – $30  (Latex free currently unavailable in the connect-a-stretchy bands.)

1  (2-5 people or 6 children)

2 connected = Medium Stretchy Band   (5-8 adults or 10 children)

3 connected = Large Stretchy Band  (8-11 adults or 22 children)

4 connected = XL Stretchy Band  (11-14 adults or 28 children)

Keep connecting them for larger groups or divide up your group around individual circles!

NEW 2018  Primary Set of 6 Connect-a-Stretchy Bands with Hub $196 and without Hub $180



The Hub Connector we have created turns your connect-a-bands into an armed octopus, sun, star, or where your imagination leads. You can also connect the bands back into the hub to create flowers or clovers.

Best Music Education Tools Circle Time Creative Movement Stretchy Band Music for Kiddos Stephanie Leavell Daycare Providers

Whether you are in a classroom, church, park or at a large community event, the connections are endless!

Top Music Activities Circle Time Muti-Generational Stretchy Band Tuneful Teaching Music Therapist

**Disclaimer: The Stretchy Band/Connect-a-Stretchy Band are not toys. They are designed to be used under adult supervision at all times.

What can you do with the stretchy band?  Check out this playlist.


Personal, Small, Medium, Large, XLarge, Connect-a-Stretchy Band, Primary Set of 6 Connect-a-Stretchy Bands, Primary Set of 6 Connect-a-Stretchy Bands WITH Hub 12


Latex Free, Latex

11 reviews for Stretchy Band

  1. Vicki Gross

    I have the personal stretchy band, which I personally use for exercising.

  2. Janet

    Posted by Rachel See Smith 4-16-12
    “LOVE Janet and her products! I purchased a stretchy band from her not too long ago and it is SUPER high quality (and she shipped it right away!).”

  3. Janet

    “Thanks so much for fixing my stretchy band! It’s working like a pro again!! I appreciate your service and the fact that you really stand behind your products. I recommend you whenever I can to other Music Together Directors.
    Have a great holiday!”
    Email from Linda Criscitello

  4. Janet

    “Received my stretchy band today – I absolutely LOVE it! I can’t wait to use it in my classes, especially the ones where I have a lot of folks who are wheelchair-bound. Thank you very much – the discount enabled me to obtain what was out of my reach before, and MANY people are going to benefit from your generosity!” post from Karen Ephyria

  5. Janet

    From our 2nd stretchy band giveaway winner!
    “Thank you so much Janet, I’ve been wanting to purchase one for some time and just didn’t have the funds. This is such an amazing product, fun and beautifully crafted, and my clients (old and young) can’t get enough of it. I’ve made entire group exercise sessions based around the stretchy band, and it always makes me so happy to see what people can do when they join together to achieve their goals. My kids also benefit so much from the cooperative experience and from creatively thinking of new ways to use it. I promise to share the love, as it will get tons of use and be shared with lots and lots of incredible people. Thank you!!” Ellen K. de Havilland, MT-BC

  6. Vita Hsieh

    I am a music teacher and I love to use this Stretchy Band in my class. All my students love it, too. Highly recommend.

  7. Katie (verified owner)

    The stretchy band is great! It’s so colorful and high quality. Everyone that works with young children or groups of older adults needs one of these! They are useful for so many things, and unlike parachutes, you don’t have to be positioned in a perfect circle to use them. I’m hoping to be able to purchase an extra large one this fall to use with my nursing home groups.

  8. Sarah Matthews

    I use a stretchy band regularly with children that attend storytime programs at our library. It is always a huge hit! It’s a fun way for preschoolers to enjoy music, experience rhythm, work together, and get out some wiggles.

    • Janet Stephens

      Thanks for the review and wonderful comment!

  9. Deb Stahl

    I use one of these in my Music Together classes. Kids and parents love the different ways we use it to move to the music, and it’s neat to see the kids really loving the tension in the band. Littles also like to mouth the fabric (I need to find cleaning instructions for it, come to think of it). Definitely a tool I use often!

    • Janet Stephens

      Hi Deb! Thanks for the comment. You can see how to clean your stretchy band in this post: I would also be curious what size stretchy band you use and how many participants? Always helps others to know.

  10. Paula Jordan

    I contacted Janet about donating this band to a school I volunteer with in Guatemala. She very generously sent it overnight so I could have it before I left. Off it went to be to used in a school and community library program in Santiago Atitlán, Guatemala. It was put to use immediately. The teachers, parents and children loved it! As a former Music Together teacher I have used a lot of classroom props, and give this one high props. It is well sewn, sturdy and put together. It was used for music classes, yoga and circle activities. Thank you so much for your generosity! Gracias. Thank You. Maltiox.

  11. Sean Mendelson

    I am a Music Together center director. I use the stretchy band twice every semester with 0-6 year olds and their caregivers. Everyone has a fantastic time and I am still coming up with new ways to use it after having it for two years. I also use it in day cares and preschools with 12-30 kids. Now that i discovered they give replacement bands at a reduced cost I am even more siked.

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