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Drumming has amazing health benefits.  From exercising the body and brain to stress relief. Our small hand drums are sure be a wonderful addition to your home or classroom.

Drums are a great way to incorporate creative live music making with groups.  There are studies that show how live music effects a person more than recorded.  To actively participate in group music is to bring a feeling of teamwork and joy.  Music activities can incorporate creative movement, listening lessons, brain integration, and more, all while actively playing.

6″ Remo Lollipop Drum: $15.00

Kids Percussion Series by Remo. Colorful and fun, these Lollipop drums can be played as a hand drum or with the accompanying bouncy rubber mallet. Not just a toy – these drums have a nice sound and attached handle for ease of use.
This listing features the Remo Kids Percussion ET-7106-00 6″ Lollipop Drum
Specifications: Rubber Mallet Included
Ages: 3 years+

Best Team Building Community Music Education 6 inch lollipop drum music with mar home schoolers

8″ Hand Drum: $19.50

(May vary from picture due to availability.)

8″ Renaissance Style Hand Drum Danielle Gumb G-Clef Music Therapy Student Instrument Kit Distance Learning

Ocean Drum: $30.00  Sale: $22.00

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8" Hand Drum, 6" Lollipop Drum, Ocean Drum


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