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Stretchy Band Replacement Tubing

Stretchy Band Replacement Tubing


Get your latex or latex-free replacement tubing for Bear Paw Creek’s Stretchy Band straight from the USA based manufacturer.

You may choose to have the tubing shipped to you and fix it youself, or send it back to us and we will fix it for you.


Since 2000, we have had several customers call in with tubing that broke in the stretchy band. If it’s under a year, we replace it at no cost to you. Given the nature of  latex rubber , it does age and break down and some customers also choose to switch over to our latex free version for allergy reasons.

Best Music Therapy Props Dance Dynamic Movement XL Stretchy Band Replacement Tubing West Music Preschool Teachers


Replacing the tubing is simple, although a great work out! We are offering all sizes in the latex and latex free version.  The give or stretch of latex free tubing is a little different than the regular tubing and is also thinner.  Bear Paw Creek recommends using the latex version over the latex free, as the latex free doesn’t hold up as well and doesn’t have as much bounce/give.

***NEW 2022 – we are now offering “Repair Your Stretchy Band Option”.

Once you order, you will receive an email with the prepaid label to send us back the stretchy band.  (Great time to wash it before we fix it.)  Once we receive it, we will put the new tubing in and send it back to you.

Stretchy-Band-for-Music-Therapy-Early-Childhood-Music-and-LearningHere Rachel Rambach from Music Therapy connections shows how she uses the stretchy band as a music therapy prop.

How to fix it?

Fix Your Own Stretchy Band, Send to Bear Paw Creek Repair Shop


Personal, Small, Medium, Large, XL


Latex, Latex Free


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