Connect-a-Stretchy Band For Small to Large Community Groups

Connect-a-Stretchy Band For Small to Large Community Groups

Cristal from Early Start Music  sent this video of the Connect-a- Stretchy Band in use.  One of the exciting parts of the Connect-a- Stretchy Band is that it can be connected together for different group sizes. Recently, Cristal connected them together into one large stretchy band with a group of about 100 people at a library event! No more juggling to hold part of a stretchy band looped in your lap, or tied to make it smaller.

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See the Connect-a-Stretchy Band in Action

How They Work

The connect-a-stretchy band is available in six foot sections.  Each section has a buckle system and is able to be used straight or buckled together in a circle, or into the Hubs.

  • 1  (2-5 adults or 8 children)
  • 2 connected = Medium Stretchy Band   (5-8 adults or 16 children)
  • 3 connected = Large Stretchy Band  (8-11 adults or 22 children)
  • 4 connected = XL Stretchy Band  (11-14 adults or 28 children)

Keep connecting them for larger groups or divide up your group around individual circles! Check out this post written on an music games activities suggested by a customer, making apple pie.


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Janet Stephens

Janet Stephens

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