Music and Movement Month 2023 Recap

Music and Movement Month 2023 Recap

It's hard to believe that April is already over and that our Music and Movement Month celebration has come to an end. We had so much fun highlighting music and movement activities, resources, movement props, and more over the last month with Sandra from Sing Play Create. And, if you know us at Bear Paw Creek, you know that we LOVE giveaways. Getting to pull one together with Sandra worth over $150.00 to celebrate and give someone the opportunity to incorporate music and movement into their lives was wonderful.

With over 500 entries and hundreds more bonus entries, your response to the giveaway was fantastic! A big thank you to everyone that entered and participated in the giveaway.

Sandra has so many amazing music and movement activities on her website and TPT store. On top of that, she created several more over the last month just for our celebration! Just in case you missed them, you can find all of the resources linked below.

8 Scarf and Ribbon Movement Activities

The first of several movement activities shared by Sandra was, 8 Scarf and Ribbon Activities. Not only are there eight activities, but she also gives you the details on how to do them. Plus, there are two songs for scarves and ribbons you can use too! Below you will find the time stamps for the YouTube video which clearly demonstrates each activity.

  • INTRO: 00:00-2:10
  • 2:10-SECTION 1: Scarf and Ribbon Warm Up Activity
  • 6:55-SECTION 2: Scarf Activity Song
  • 11:05-SECTION 3: Teach High and Low
  • 14:12-SECTION 4: Loud and Soft
  • 18:10-SECTION 5: Expression and Social Activity
  • 24:34-SECTION 6: Tempo Game
  • 30:15-SECTION 7: Vocal Explorations
  • 32:37-SECTION 8: Teach Form (Vivaldi's Spring Concerto)

10 Bean Bag Activities for Music and Movement

Bean Bag activities are just what you need if you’re looking to keep engagement high. In this blog post, Sandra shares interactive games and activities that have students singing, playing, and moving using our Bean Bags. Games are a great way to teach children because often, children don't even know they are learning, they're just busy having fun!

  • 1:01 Easy Warm UP Bean Bag Game
  • 2:00 Grizzly Bear Bean Bag Game
  • 5:08 Introduce and Teach How to Play with Bean Bags “Hello Song” Freebie
  • 5:57 Upper Elementary Bean Bag Games for Music Class Learning and Assessment
  • 7:19 Old Mac Donald Bean Bag Game
  • 10:10 The Farmer in the Dell Bean Bag Game
  • 12:19 Snail Snail Kodaly Song Bean Bag Game
  • 14:35 Doggie, Doggie Where’s Your Bone Bean Bag Game
  • 16:30 Vocal Warmups with Bean Bags
  • 18:10 Movement Activities with Bean Bags
  • 19:50 Songs with Bean Bags
  • 21:00 Head Shoulders Knees and Toes
  • 21:54 There’s a Chocolate Chip Cookie on My Head Sing Along
  • 24:00 Bean Bag Activities for Transitions, Games, Anytime!

Best Parachute Movement Actvities for Music Class

Did you know that parachute songs, games, and movement activities can teach musical and movement concepts? And that they give students opportunities to explore through creativity and improvisation?  And yes, they make a great movement break for fitness. They also help with SEL (Social Emotional Learning), social skills, beat, and form activities as well as singing.

In this blog post, Sandra shared some fun parachute activities that you can use in music class, circle time, music therapy session, or during at-home play. Click here to check out the blog post and learn about all of the different parachute activities, plus get a creative movement song made specifically for play parachutes! You can also watch the YouTube video HERE.

Check out our Small Play Parachute featured in the video here.

Fun Balloon Ball Music and Movement Activities

Balloon Balls are a great movement prop to add to your home, classroom, or clinic. This is a great music therapy tool for little ones to learn how to catch and throw as it is so light weight. With the lightness and softness of this ball, it’s great to kick around without worrying about somebody getting hurt. Sandra shared several different Balloon Ball movement activities including steady beat activities, rhythm games, and songs!

To read the full blog post, click here. And, to check out the YouTube video demonstrating the activities, click here!

You can also check out her other blog post: 10 Ways to Use Balls in the Music Classroom

Check out all of the fun Balloon Ball variations from us at Bear Paw Creek here! You can choose from a variety of patterns and designs. From the classic rainbow, to a pumpkin, apple, galaxy theme, floral, and more.

Thank You for Celebrating Music and Movement Month!

We absolutely loved celebrating Music and Movement Month and are so thankful to all of your for participating! Seeing videos and pictures of you incorporating Music and Movement with your students made it extra special.

Our hope is that over the last month, you were able to learn more about Music and Movement and the benefits it brings for people of all ages and that you will continue to incorporate it into your life and the lives of your children and students. Not only is it a great way to learn and teach important skills, it's also so much fun. We are also hoping to make this an annual event, so stay tuned for Music and Movement Month 2024!

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Madison Stephens

Madison Stephens

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