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Small Play Parachute for Kids


Small Play Parachute for Kids

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Bear Paw Creek is proud to present our small play parachute.  At 30 inches wide with four handles, this parachute is perfect for one to one use, or a small group of 3 children and adult.

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If you are friend of Bear Paw Creek, you know that all our products have come from someone reaching out and saying, “Hey, can you make _____???”  Now we have another example of this!  New in 2022, we are introducing a small play parachute for little ones per Nana Carol’s request:

I have searched and searched and found plenty of play parachutes that are 6′ with 8 handles and bigger ones too. But I am thinking that a play parachute that is only as wide as a hula hoop and has 4 handles would be perfect for parents to use with their child at home and family day care programs and the youngest child care programs for children who are 18 months old to maybe 2+ years old.  So it could be used with one adult and one child or one adult and up to 3 children.

Our small play parachute is a 30 inch circle with four handles and includes a storage bag.  MSRP $22



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We also made a six foot play parachute with six handles we had fun with. We know there are many 6, 12, 18 and 24 foot ones out there, but if anyone would be interested in a six foot version, please send us an email:

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