Bicycle Stretchy Band Activity and Song

Bicycle Stretchy Band Activity and Song

We are always on the lookout for new music and movement activity ideas, so when I found this bicycle Stretchy Band activity and song shared by Nancy Kopman and Traci Patterson, I knew I had found a good one!

If you read our Best Parachute Activities and Songs blog post, you know that we have recently collaborated with Nancy Kopman and have a couple more projects planned with her in the near future. She is an Early Childhood Educator and has some truly amazing music. All of which pairs very well with our creative movement props! You can check out Nancy's music here. Traci Patterson is a Music Teacher in Richmond, Texas and is always sharing fun activity ideas, pictures, and videos on her Instagram and Twitter. She also offers educational resources on her Teachers Pay Teachers store. We love following Traci and seeing all of the awesome content she puts out and especially love getting to see how she uses our movement props in her classroom.

Keep reading to get the details on the bicycle Stretchy Band activity!

"Bicycle" Song by Nancy Kopman for a Stretchy Band Activity

The song used for this Stretchy Band activity is "Bicycle" from Nancy's album "The Seasons". This song is perfect for children of all ages and is very easy to learn since the lyrics are easy to remember and the actions included are simple to learn. To read the lyrics you can watch this video, Sing the Bicycle Song with Nancy (FULL SONG w/ACTIONS).

The different actions in the song are what makes it perfect for the Stretchy Band! You can sit in a big circle with your class while everyone holds the Stretchy Band or stand in a circle, as you listen to the song, follow the actions. Lift the Stretchy Band up! Then go back down. Up, and down, up and down. There is also a part where it says go fast, then slow. If your students are standing for this Stretchy Band activity, they could walk in a circle as fast as they can! Then walk in slow motion when the song signals to slow down.

The best part about this song is that once you know it well enough, you can add in your own lyrics and do whichever action you want! It would be fun to add a side to side action, or maybe a in and out.

You can also use this Stretchy Band activity in smaller group settings. The Connect-A-Stretchy Band would be perfect to work one-on-one with a child using this song. Or, you could use the Primary Set of 6 Connect-A-Stretchy Bands to spread your large group out. Have a few kids around a Connect-A-Band, each with a different color. Each group could take turns calling out an action to go with the song. Red group, "In and out". Next, blue group "Side to side!" and so on.

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Stretchy Band Activity Idea in Action with Traci Patterson

The video on the right originally shared by Traci Patterson, is where I first heard the bicycle song by Nancy and saw the Stretchy Band activity in action. You can see that all of the students are attentive and engaged. Using the Stretchy Band with this song is a great way to practice those important listening skills, encourage teamwork, and can encourage movement/exercise.

If you've been following us, you know that we are huge advocates for music and movement and the benefits it brings for people of all ages and abilities. Music and movement helps develop physical skills, cognitive development, social skills, emotional expression, and so much more. That's why we are so thankful to people like Nancy and Traci for sharing their amazing resources and ideas.

I have no doubt that this Stretchy Band activity will be a hit in your next music class, circle time, music therapy session, or at-home play! If you use this activity and post any pictures or video to social media, be sure to tag us!  We LOVE seeing videos and pictures of our creative movement props in action. Who knows, maybe you will inspire a new activity idea! You can find us @bearpawcreek and be sure to check out @musicwithnancy and @snapclappattersonmusic.

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