9 Different Creative Movement Streamer Options

9 Different Creative Movement Streamer Options from Bear Paw Creek

Have you ever wondered what kind of creative movement streamer options we have available?

Our streamers have been one of our top best selling creative movement props since the beginning. Currently, we have nine different kinds of streamers to fit your needs.

Creative movement streamers are great fun for dynamic movement activities and dance! Sold in sets of six with chiffon scarf or ribbon choices, either a plastic hoop or fabric wrist scrunchie option, and a drawstring storage bag. You can also buy them individually to fit your needs.

Keep reading to view all of the different streamer options!

Creative Movement Streamers

Rainbow Ribbon Hoop Streamers

These creative movement streamers are made with a plastic hoop and vibrant colored ribbon. Each hoop has six ribbons in the rainbow colors. One red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

Children and adults love to use these for a variety of movement activities. The bright and fun colors are sure to bring excitement to your classroom and are even great for virtual sessions.

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Rainbow Chiffon Hoop Streamers

The Rainbow Chiffon Hoop Streamers are also made with a plastic hoop but instead of ribbon, these are made with a soft, flowing chiffon. The material is very similar to our creative movement scarves. Some children and adults prefer the softness of the chiffon over the ribbon.

These streamers are fun to use with slower songs as the chiffon is more "gentle" and flows smoothly through the air. However, you can still get them going with a fast song as you spin and twirl them as quickly as you can.

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Primary Color Chiffon Hoop Streamers 

These streamers are a fun variation of our Rainbow Chiffon Hoop Streamers, the primary color options make it fun to separate students and do call-to-action activities. One child can have the red streamer, another can have the blue, and so on. You can then call out actions such as "Red, jump up and down!", "Blue go side-to-side".

If you are working one-on-one, you can also allow the client to choose their preferred color. Just like allowing a client to choose their favorite music, allowing them to choose their favorite color movement prop can provide higher motivation and focus.

Check out the Primary Hoop Chiffon Streamers here!

Primary Color Ribbon Hoop Streamers 

The Primary Color Ribbon Hoop Streamers are just like the Primary Chiffon Streamers shown above, except these are made with ribbon!

Some people prefer the vibrant color of the ribbons over the softness of the chiffon. The ribbon streamers also tend to be used in higher energy activities since they are quick and flashy, while the chiffon streamers are soft and flow smoothly throughout the air during movement.

Check them out here!

DiscoverDance Ribbon Hoop Streamers

Bear Paw Creek and DiscoverDance have teamed up several years ago to bring you an exclusive set of dynamic movement props in a jeweled color tone. The ribbons on these creative movement streamers are gorgeous!

If you are looking for something a little bit different from the original rainbow colors, these streamers are perfect for you. You can also check out all of the other movement props in the jeweled tone colors here. We currently offer the Connect-a-Stretchy Band, Balloon Ball, Scarves, and Bean Bags in the DiscoverDance colors.

Check out the streamers here!

Primary Color Ribbon Wrist Scrunchie Streamers

Our wrist scrunchie creative movement streamers are perfect for those who either lack grip strength or who struggle holding on to things. The scrunchie allows you to place the streamer around their wrist which eliminates the need to hold something and can still let the individual experiment with movement.

Not only can you put these around your wrist, but you can also have fun placing them on different parts of your body. Such as your ankles, up to your elbow, etc.

Check them out here! 

Primary Color Chiffon Wrist Scrunchie Streamers

Yet another creative movement streamer variation, these Primary Color Chiffon Wrist Scrunchie streamers are another great movement prop to add to your circle time, music therapy session, classroom activity, or at-home play.

The fabric wrist scrunchie streamer was another idea from my fabulous sister, she discovered this need in group participation for individuals that are not able to grasp items.  They are wonderful as you can put them on your wrist, elbows, arms, or even ankles to have your hand free for other movement activities.

Check them out here! 

Rainbow Chiffon Wrist Scrunchie Streamers 

This creative movement streamer option is one of my favorites! It's fun to take these and pretend that the top blue part is a cloud, and the bottom section is the colorful rainbow coming down.

Streamers can be used for a variety of movement activities and can be adapted to fit many different needs. For streamer activity ideas and inspiration, you can check out all of the different blog posts we have on our site! Click here to check out the blog posts. 

To check out the Rainbow Chiffon Wrist Scrunchie Streamers, click here.

Rainbow Ribbon Wrist Scrunchie Streamers 

Last but not least, Rainbow Ribbon Wrist Scrunchie Streamers. These are just like the ones shown above but with ribbon instead of the chiffon scarf material.

One of the fun aspects of our creative movement streamers is that they can be used with any type of music. This makes them a versatile movement prop and allows them to be fun for people of all ages. We also offer a solid white fabric wrist scrunchie streamer that is often used by the "leader" of the class or group session. This can help signify to children that you follow the movement of the white streamer.


Check out the Rainbow Ribbon Wrist Streamers here!

Streamer Activities and Song Ideas

Now that you have all of the different creative movement streamer options to choose from, you may be wondering, what do I do with them?

There are so many different songs and activities that you can do with the streamers, it's so much fun to let your imagination soar when incorporating this prop into your music and movement time. It's also great to let your activities be child-led, since they often come up with new activities all on their own.  However, for those days where you lack the inspiration and just don't know what to do, you can utilize the few resources listed below.

You can also check out the spring themed Streamer activities that Carol Hartery "Nana Carol" sent us by clicking the post on the right. I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog post all about our creative movement streamers! If you have any questions, or maybe even a fun activity idea to do with the streamers, feel free to reach out!

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