Music and Movement Month – Celebrating With a Giveaway!

Music and Movement Month - Celebrating With a Giveaway!

You might be thinking, Music and Movement Month?! I didn't know there is such a thing! While Music and Movement Month isn't a nationally recognized event, Sandra Hendrickson from Sing Play Create celebrates it all month long in April every year, and this year Bear Paw Creek is thrilled to join the celebration!

I'm sure you know by now that we at Bear Paw Creek are extremely passionate about music and movement and the benefits it brings for people of all ages. Our movement props were all inspired by the desire to create useful, educational, and fun tools that can be used by parents, therapists, educators, and anyone wanting to incorporate music into the lives of their children or students. That's why we are so excited to be partnering with Sandra this month to bring you a HUGE giveaway full of music, creative movement props, activities, and more.

Keep reading to find out all of the details on the giveaway and how you can join in on the celebration!


Music and Movement Month Giveaway & Sing Play Create

Sing Play Create is an incredible resource for parents, teachers, and music therapists. Sandra has two YouTube channels that are FULL of educational videos, teaching tips, songs, and activities. You can check them both out here: Sing Play Create Educational Music Channel and Sing Play Create Teaching Tips.  Also on her website you will find a free resource library where you can gain access to exclusive email list freebies! Such as music lessons, brain breaks, songs, games, printables, and more. To learn more about Sandra and why she started Sing Play Create, click here. 

Among all of the amazing educational resources Sandra has created, she has activity bundles made specifically for our creative movement props. She has bundles for the Stretchy Band, Bean Bags, Parachute and more.

For our big giveaway we have combined both of our products to offer a prize worth over $150.00! Plus, all of the props and activities you could win will be extremely beneficial as you either continue incorporating music and movement into your children's and student's lives or, if you're just starting out.

Here's what you could win (All worth over $150):

1.) Connect-a-Stretchy Band

2.) Set of 6 Primary Color Wrist Ribbon Streamers

3.) Creative Movement Scarf Kit, Set of 6

4.) Set of 6 Primary Color Square Bean Bags

5.) Rainbow Balloon Ball

6.) Small Play Parachute for Kids

7.) Balloon Ball Activities for Children

8.) Buggy Parachute Music and Movement Activities: Music, PE, All Classrooms

9.) Buggy Stretchy Band Movement Activities for Music, P.E., Movement Classes

10.) Buggy Scarf and Ribbon Activities for Preschool, Music Class, P.E. Movement Activities

11.) Buggy Bean Bag Activities and Games for Preschool, Music and Movement Classes

12.) Buggy Movement Activity Posters, Cards, Presentation for Freeze Dance Activities

Join the Celebration and Get Bonus Entries!

Do you want to join the Music and Movement Month celebration?

Post a video or picture of you and your children or students incorporating music and movement into your music therapy session, circle time, music class, virtual session, or at-home play! Tag us in your post @bearpawcreek and @singplaycreate and use the hashtag #musicandmovementmonth to get 10 BONUS ENTRIES!

To learn more about the benefits of music and movement, you can check out this blog post from several years ago. Make sure you're following us @bearpawcreek and @singplaycreate on social media where we will be sharing music and movement themed activities and resources all month long. You can check out week one's activity, "8 Scarf & Ribbon Activities Blog Post" and "8 Scarf Music and Movment Activities for Elementary Music Class YouTube Video".

We are so excited to be giving back with a big giveaway and hope you will join in on the celebration!

Madison Stephens

Madison Stephens

Madison has been a part of BPC her whole life. As a young child, she and her siblings helped stuff stretchy bands and flip bean bags. Over the last six years she has become even more involved and is now an official BPC employee with the role of seamstress and social media manager. When she’s not working, you’ll find her spending time with family and friends, going on walks with her dog, working with horses, or cooking and baking. Madison feels honored to have the opportunity to work alongside her mom, Janet Stephens, and be involved with the family business.