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Back in February I stumbled across a video of our stretchy band in action on Will Doublestein's  YouTube channel, Bow Tie Music.  Since then I have been watching his enthusiasm for music education and witnessing the joy he brings to his classroom.  These two quotes show the heart and passion he has for his job.

"Every week I teach 500 kids, many of whom don't have fathers. My job is so much bigger than teaching music."

"This channel is built for elementary school music teachers in the hope of sharing ideas. Everything you see here is built on a belief that kids are awesome and the enjoyment of music should be the foundation of music education."

Continue to read on and be encouraged on the importance of music education tools and see Bear Paw Creek's stretchy band and scarves in action.

Best Music Education Middle School Music Teacher Bow Tie Music

Will's Music Education Style

Bow Tie Music has fifteen different offerings on his Teachers Pay Teachers page. Be sure to check them out!  On the about section he describes what his teaching style has been inspired by:

I have combined three approaches of music education to create a hybrid-Orff style of teaching that keeps students engaged and places a high value on creativity.

Carl Orff was a 20th Century German composer and educator who believed that children best learn music through a holistic approach that includes much more than singing.

While singing is important, speaking rhythm through text, playing instruments, and moving through dance are equally important paths that together lead to an ultimate goal of creating music.

The ability of students to create and contribute to the progression of a music lesson makes the Orff approach refreshingly different and effective, and it keeps kids engaged with smiles on their faces and joy in their hearts.

Instruments are expensive, but with the help of parents and businesses and through the writing of various grants I have been able to build a well-equipped classroom with enough quality instruments to invite the participation of every student.

I also incorporate the best aspects of a Kodaly and Delecluz approach to my hybrid style, believing that strict adherence to one style will not always work for all children.

Being a teacher brings with it so many rewards, but at the top of the list is always my students. Not only do I see every student in my building once a week, but I see them every year throughout their elementary careers, which means by the time they go on to middle school I will have had five years of interactions and memories with each one of them.

For the forty-five minutes a week that they spend in my classroom they are safe, they are encouraged, they are challenged, and they are loved.

I see them grow, and with enough time I will eventually see my kindergartners become fourth graders.

Through those years there will be many ups and downs, smiles and tears, but I will be there for them, and never stop learning from them. Light bulb moments happen on both sides of the desk, and by learning from one another we can all grow more creative and develop a life-long love of music.

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With almost 20,000  subscribers on his YouTube channel, you will be sure to find lesson plans that will fit into your music education planning time.  Here are the two stretchy band videos that I first came across and reached out to Will about.  Enjoy!

19 Benefits of Music Education and Creative Movement Scarves

From the National Association for Music Education we learn nineteen  Important Benefits of Music In Our Schools .  Be sure to click through and read them in detail.

1. Musical training helps develop language and reasoning

2. A mastery of memorization

3. Students learn to improve their work

4. Increased coordination

5. A sense of achievement

6. Kids stay engaged in school

7. Success in society

8. Emotional development

9. Students learn pattern recognition

10. Fine-tuned auditory skills

11. Music builds imagination and intellectual curiosity

12. Music can be relaxing

13. Musical instruments can teach discipline

14. Preparation for the creative economy

15. Development in creative thinking

16. Music can develop spatial intelligence

17. Kids can learn teamwork

18. Responsible risk-taking

19. Better self-confidence

Part of what I love about creating these creative movement props and sharing them with the world is the power of connecting.  Music educators, music therapists, dance teachers, and others share why and how they incorporate them into their teaching plans.  I love to be a small part of these communities!

Here are the two videos that he shared using our scarves. You will find five sizes available here:  15", 25", 36" 50", and  our 9 foot canopies.  We also offer scarf kits.  You can see how he has the scarves displayed on the wall in the videos too.

Janet Stephens

Janet Stephens

Janet is the founder, designer, and one of the seamstresses behind Bear Paw Creek's made in the USA line of creative movement props, and bags. She is passionate about her faith, family, and loves the journey of learning and growing this life provides.