“Resilient Child” by Miss Julieann — Album Release Celebration!

"Resilient Child" by Miss Julieann — Album Release Celebration!

We are so excited to be partnering with award winning children's musician and therapist, Miss Julieann, to celebrate her brand new album Resilient Child. The album was created to teach resilience skills to children and will be available on all downloadable platforms, September 22, 2023

The buoyant album, characterized as, “Disney meets Nickel Creek”, proves that heady concepts can become an irrepressible, musical rumpus in the right hands. Resilient Child, features songs about developing support systems, coping skills, emotional expression, and self-worth by a professional music therapist.

To celebrate the release of Resilient Child, Miss Julieann is doing weekly giveaways leading up to the day the album comes out. We are thrilled to be included in the very first giveaway! Keep reading to get details on where you can enter and to learn more about Miss Julieann and her new album.

About Miss Julieann

Julieann Hartley, MT-BC, NMT, and NTP is a board certified music therapist, nature educator, illustrator and children's musician. After obtaining degrees in both music therapy and psychology, she graduated from Anna Maria College as valedictorian. After many years working as a community music therapist, she  released her first kids album, Therapeutic Songs for Kids, which won a 2019 Parents' Choice award. Resilient Child is her second album and is on track to be just as popular and well-loved as her first.

She is currently recovering from a neurological infection, and focusing on putting together content for other therapists, teachers and parents to be able to help children develop the resilience skills they need to overcome life's inevitable challenges. Besides music, she has an interest in hiking (she completed the Appalachian Trail in 2015), rock climbing and foraging. She is passionate about introducing children to the wonders of nature and wild foods and in addition to doing concerts with kids, she loves to run workshops on safely foraging for wild foods, and acorn processing with kids.

 Why Miss Julieann's Therapeutic Songs for Kids?

"As a music therapist, who works with kids and adults with special needs all day, I needed music that could support children with motor, speech, cognitive, emotional and behavioral needs. I had a hard time finding songs that were easy for my clients to sing, easy for their parents to remember and were easy to individualize to meet their development goals. So, I wrote them. They have been designed specifically to engage ALL children and provide opportunities for interaction, despite their developmental needs. I also designed each song to have the ability to be adapted to meet a variety of motor, speech, emotional, behavioral goals. After years of parents, teachers and therapists asking for a CD with all my most useful songs, I finally made one and I'm ready to show the community how to use music to support our children!" - Julieann Hartley, Board Certified Music Therapist

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How to Enter the Bear Paw Creek and Miss Julieann Giveaway

By entering the giveaway you could have the chance to win a Listen Learn Music & Movement Prop Set, which includes:

To enter for your chance to win, head over to our Instagram page and read the captions for the details! The giveaway ends Tuesday, September 5th at midnight! The winner will be announced on Instagram stories the next day (on Wednesday) and Miss Julieann will contact the winner through her account (@missjulieannmusic) via DMs.

Click here to go to the giveaway post! 

In addition to the giveaway, you can get a sneak peak at the Resilient Child album by listening to the newly released single titled, "I Am Enough". Be sure to follow Miss Julieann on Instagram to stay up to date on all of the other fun giveaways she has planned and to be notified when Resilient Child is available for download.

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