Wrapping Presents in 32 Minutes With Drawstring Bags

Wrapping Presents in 32 Minutes With Drawstring Bags

Guest blog post by Kathy Schumacher of Tuneful Teaching

Well, it’s December 24, 2014, and I have managed to put off my gift wrapping until today.  This is actually the first time I’ve procrastinated until this late in the season.  Was I stressed just thinking about the task?  Nope, not at all. 

I knew I had this tote of reusable fabric “wrapping paper” waiting for me.  Some of the fabric holds special meaning.  One is made from Grandma’s apron fabric.  Others we’ve been using for so many years that the kids recognize the bags and enjoy the familiarity of it all. 

Christmas Print Re-useable Drawstring Bag Preschool Childcare Directors


So, here’s my pile of gifts.  I started wrapping at 11:15 and was completely finished by 11:47 — that’s exactly 32 minutes!  


Our tradition is to have “Santa” bring the presents in the stockings and one present under the tree, usually a family game or puzzle. That’s why you see one present in traditional wrapping paper. I performed this present-wrapping feat on my ironing board this year–I don’t recommend it–for the simple fact that I was hiding in my closet to accomplish the job due to the late date.

The tags are cut out of last years’ Christmas cards and hole punched. I tie one simple knot to close the bag, put a tag through one string and then tie a bow without an additional knot before the bow. This makes unwrapping easier for the kids.
Oh, I also get rid of all packaging before I wrap. Huge time saver and stress reliever come Christmas Day!

The dark blue bag is one that I made large enough to hold a saucer sled many years ago. Occasionally, we have a present that big, but usually I just use it to hold all the presents. When those big presents do come around, it sure is nice not to waste all that paper!

PIle of Christmas gifts to be wrapped

Drawstring fabric bags wrapping paper for Christmas presents

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Janet Stephens

Janet Stephens

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