Why American Made Matters to ME!

Why American Made Matters to ME!

Today, November 19, is American Made Matters Day! For several reasons, that matters to me personally and for our business. A few years ago I learned that one of our customers had taken two of our products and was getting them manufactured over seas. It was a hard time both personally and in business, but as what happens through many difficult things in our life, the silver lining is shining through. It put me on an amazing path of learning and growing, building a new wholesale customer base, and reaching our customers on a growing retail basis for the first time since 2000. It’s been the proverbial “kick in the butt” I needed! (FYI: they came back to us and are carrying ours once a again.)

Buying American Made Products Strengthens The American Dream

American Made DOES Matter

There are several organizations/movements that are helping spread awareness of the importance of buying USA made products. I appreciate all of their efforts!  American Made Matters struck a chord with me from a manufacturing and consumer perspective.

I am proud that Bear Paw Creek is a member of American Made Matters.  I appreciate Don Rongione and the team at AMM for their efforts and what they are accomplishing.  Their mission is to “Educate consumers that buying US-made products strengthens the American dream.”  You can learn more about them here.

As in all things, there are two sides.  It’s pretty hard to find some products that are even capable of being made in the USA.  Some products may be finished here, but with imported materials.  American Made Matters standards for being a member are: The AMM logo can now be found on thousands of products that comply with our standards which are at least 50% of the cost (labor, materials, and overhead) is incurred in the United States and the final assembly or transformation takes place in the U.S.

USA Manufacturer Proud To Be Committed to American Made Matters.

Janet Stephens

Janet Stephens

Janet is the founder, designer, and one of the seamstresses behind Bear Paw Creek's made in the USA line of creative movement props, and bags. She is passionate about her faith, family, and loves the journey of learning and growing this life provides.

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