Music Egg Shakers: Multi Sensory Learning Tool for Preschoolers

Music Egg Shakers: Multi Sensory Learning Tool for Preschoolers

While many preschoolers learn the most through play and hands-on activities, using preschool musical instruments will also make a difference in the way that they learn. In this post you will learn about how Nana Carol is sharing her love of music and movement with her grand-daughter Maddie.  She will show how music egg shakers fit into that.

Now, I give you another edition of Nana Carol's Corner where you will see learning can involve the arts. Offering a tactile and multi-sensory experience for this age group while moving and grooving to the music at the same time.  You will also see how our conversations have brought about another egg shaker storage idea.  Also, a chance to win a basket of goodies and a 15% off discount code!



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Music Egg Shakers Multi Sensory Learning Tool for Preschoolers Laurie Berkner Band I Know A Chicken

Using Egg Shakers with Babies Through Early Childhood

My one year old granddaughter has been playing with her egg shakers for months now.  At first she shook one egg up and down like she would a rattle, but she quickly started to hold one in each hand and shake them vigorously.  The egg shakers arrived in a drawstring  bag, but I transferred Maddie's into a plastic egg carton.  She loves taking the eggs in and out of the carton.

A baby can reach in and take the eggs out of the carton.  Then as their fine motor and cognitive abilities develop they will take the eggs out and then put them back into the egg carton.  Then as they grow older, adults could teach them color recognition by asking them to pick up the yellow egg, etc.  As they continue to grow they can use the shaker eggs in the egg carton for dramatic play activities.  The shaker eggs will provide auditory stimulation.  This makes it a multi sensory learning tool.

We do a lot of music and movement activities together.  Sometimes she mimics what I am doing, but mostly she just shakes her eggs and wiggles her body to the beat of the music.  When I taught preschool the children loved "Shake!" from We Kids Rock's Everybody Clap Your Hands cd.

As they shook their eggs and listened to the song they were having fun.  They are also developing listening skills and learning opposites like high and low, up and down.

Laurie Berkner's "I Know a Chicken" from her Whaddaya Think of That? cd was a hit with older toddlers and preschoolers.  They would sing along with Laurie and move their eggs as directed in the song.

The preschoolers loved shaking their eggs as they hopped around the room listening to Miss Carole's "The Shaker Hop" from her Dancing Feet cd.  That would be a fun activity to have people do at your Easter celebration.

Music Egg Shakers for babies and preschoolers with music suggestions. Includes an Easter Egg Hunt idea! Click To Tweet

Egg Hunts with Egg Shakers

Maddie was sitting on the floor playing with her egg shakers. Her Mom commented that Maddie loves those egg shakers because they are just the right size for her to hold one in each hand.  Then it dawned on both of us that we could have just hidden the egg shakers!   You could hide their shakers along with some plastic eggs.  Perhaps, the egg shakers could be the special eggs that win them a treat or prize.  The auditory sensory appeal of the shaker eggs is what attracts Maddie to those eggs.  The plastic eggs at least on their own have no auditory component.

Instead of putting plastic eggs that will easily break into your child's Easter basket why not give him_her a set of Shaker Eggs from Bear Paw Creek

Instead of putting plastic eggs that will easily break into your child's Easter basket why not give him/her a set of Shaker Eggs from Bear Paw Creek.  The eggs are sturdy and colorful and will provide your child with hours of fun as they shake them.

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Music shaker eggs will provide auditory stimulation

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