Lynn Kleiner’s “The Waves” and the Stretchy Band

Lynn Kleiner's "The Waves" Movement Song with the Stretchy Band

A few years ago I took Lynn Keiner's Music Rhapsody Online Teacher Program Course. I loved it and learned so much!

I'm going to share more about her program and also a song to use with Bear Paw Creek scarves, stretchy band, or streamers.


Lynn Kleiner's The Waves Movement Song with the Stretchy Band or Creative Movement Scarves

"The Waves" Song

Since 1983 Music Rhapsody has been teaching music to infants through adults.  They also offer a teacher training both in person and online.  Here is a quote from their site:

Music Rhapsody is a beautiful blend of the Orff approach to music education and Music Rhapsody’s original content. Watch this video to see Lynn Kleiner and live teacher trainees explore the various ways to teach and explore the song “Sally Go Round the Sun.” The multi-sensory approach teaches an understanding of musical components including form, steady beat, coordination and discriminatory listening.

You will learn:

  • Orff
  • Stories
  • The Gathering Drum
  • Puppets
  • Ukulele
  • Recorder
  • Singing
  • Transitions
  • Songs

Here is Lynn showing off the stretchy band in a Mommy and Me class!  You can find this song (and even more) in her great books Songs of the Sea.



David Row Shares His Lesson Plans for Scarves, Xylophone, and the Connect-a-Stretchy Band


David Row from Make Moments Matter always shares great inspiration for your elementary classroom.  In the 22 minute video he talks about how he uses scarves, xylophones, and the connect-a-stretchy band with Lynn's Song "The Wave".

Scarves Stretchy band Make Moments Matter David Row uses Lynn Keliner's Music Rhapsody Wave song and Bear Paw Creek Movement Props

Janet Stephens

Janet Stephens

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