Five Winter Scarf Songs for Music and Movement

Five Winter Scarf Songs for Music and Movement

I have been seeing so many great winter scarf songs and activities on social media and thought I would compile a list of just a few of my favorites. It's always fun to do seasonal activities with our creative movement props and our friends on social media always have great ideas!

Our scarves have been growing in popularity and have quickly become one of our best-selling products. From individual scarves in varying sizes to creative movement scarf kits, we have several different options that can fit your needs. Here is the list of five of my favorite winter scarf songs:

  • "Cozy" by Narwhals and Waterfalls
  • "Make a Snowball" by Miss Katie Sings
  • "Dance Like Snowflakes" by Jbrary
  • "Blowing in the Wind" by Stephanie Leavell
  • "Swirling and Twirling" by Patina Jackson

Keep reading for details on how these songs can be used with our creative movement scarves along with links and video resources for each one!

1. "Cozy" A Winter Scarf Song by Narwhals and Waterfalls

Our new friends Paige and Adrian at Narwhals and Waterfalls wrote an adorable song called "Cozy" that is perfect to use with creative movement scarves. It's also a good family-friendly song to sing together at home during this cozy season. This song goes through all things winter. From warm jackets, hats and gloves, to playing outside in the snow, to hot chocolate and cookies, it's an interactive and engaging song that pairs well with scarves.

Click the YouTube video linked on the right to watch the official "Cozy" video and read the lyrics. You can also check out the two videos Paige shared on Instagram that demonstrate this winter scarf song in action. Click here to watch the first video and here to watch the second! Be sure to follow Narwhals and Waterfalls on social media and check out their website for more great learning resources.

2. "Make a Snowball" A Scarf Circle Time Song for Kids by Miss Katie Sings

I ran across Miss Katie's YouTube channel a couple of weeks ago and found this fun winter scarf song that has you make a snowball with your scarf. At the end of the song she has you throw your "snowball" up into the air!

This song encourages active participation and is great for practicing important listening skills as well as following directions. Plus, who doesn't love making a snowball, getting to throw it up in the air and then watch it fall slowly back to the ground.

You could add another element of fun by having each child pick a different colored scarf. Then, when it's time to throw the snowball, call out a color and that child would throw their scarf up in the air. This would add the skill of sharing of taking turns while also learning or practicing color recognition.

Be sure to check out the rest of Miss Katie's videos on her YouTube channel. You can also check out her website and Patreon community as well as her Instagram page for more songs and videos.

3. "Dance Like Snowflakes" A Winter Scarf Song from Jbrary

I love Jbrary's resources and was excited to run across this Scarf Songs and Rhymes playlist they created, which is where I found their video for "Dance Like Snowflakes". This winter scarf song is called "Dance Like Snowflakes" and is sung in the tune of Frere Jacques.

The lyrics are: Dance like snowflakes, dance like snowflakes. In the air, in the air. Whirling, twirling snowflakes. Whirling, twirling snowflakes. Everywhere, everywhere.

This song could easily be adapted to use while sitting or standing. You could have your children or students sit and sing this song while doing the arm and hand movements shown in the video. Or, allow them to stand and move their whole body while dancing like snowflakes with their creative movement scarves.

For more music and movement resources along with great book suggestions for story time success, go to Jbray's website. You can also subscribe to their YouTube channel and follow them on Instagram for more inspiration.

4. "Blowing in the Wind" by Stephanie Leavell at Music for Kiddos

"Blowing in the Wind" by Stephanie Leavell at Music for Kiddos is one of the best scarf songs ever, and for good reason! This isn't just a good winter scarf song but can also be used year-round. I have seen some fun fall/halloween adaptions and it also fits in well during spring and summer.

"Blowing in the Wind" is very catchy, making it easy to learn! As an added bonus, there is a lot of learning going on when using the song. Oftentimes kids don't even realize that they are practicing important skills, they're too busy having fun.

Check out this blog post from Miss Kathy at Tuneful Teaching to learn more about the skills targeted in this versatile scarf song. You can click the linked video shared by Miss Kathy to see how scarves are used with the song and can also click here to watch the "Blowing in the Wind" lyric video.

Stephanie has generously allowed this song to be a free download! Click here to get your free Blowing in the Wind download.

Be sure to follow Music for Kiddos on Facebook and Instagram and subscribe to their YouTube channel. If you haven't taken time to look through all of the incredible resources available on, you definitely should. Stephanie is well known for her high-quality children's music resources for music therapists, music educators, and parents.

5. "Swirling and Twirling" by Patina Jackson at Music Therapy Joy

When I first saw this video on Music Therapy Joy's Instagram I thought right away, "That would be a PERFECT scarf song!". I love Patina's writing and music style and am excited to share this one with you.

"Swirling and Whirling" is about a snowflakes journey as it falls to earth. Patina wrote, "As I was writing this song, I was imagining the journey of a softly falling snowflake… but no sooner had it landed than a gust of wind picked it up! It swirled and twirled and whizzed and whirled (can you picture snow swirling in the wind??) and started to land, but was picked back up…and started to land but was picked back up… til it finally found its home in a blanket of white!

By having your children or students use a scarf, they can mimic the actions of the snowflake by twirling it around. Left to right, up and down, twisting all around! You could either have your students sit for this song and just follow the movements with their arms and hands. Or, you could have them stand and move their whole body with the scarf like the snowflake. I love the anticipation in this song as well, it starts slow and smooth and then speeds up as the snowflake is moving faster and faster.

To listen to "Swirling and Twirling" on Spotify, click here. Be sure to follow Music Therapy Joy on Facebook and Instagram. For even more teaching and learning resources, check out the Music Therapy Joy website! Patina also recently started a YouTube channel that you definitely want to subscribe to. With Patina's positive energy and infectious joy, your kiddos or students will love watching her videos and will be having fun while learning.

Winter Scarf Songs for Circle Time and Music Class

I hope you enjoy these five winter scarf songs and find them useful and fun for you next music class, circle time, library story time, music therapy session, or just at home with your kids.

To get your own creative movement scarves or to add to your scarf collection, check out our Individual Chiffon Scarves here or our Creative Movement Scarf Kits.

If you have more scarf activity or song ideas, feel free to send them to us! You can email us at or DM us on Facebook or Instagram. If you use any of these songs with our scarves, be sure to tag us @bearpawcreek and the song artist. We love seeing videos and pictures of our products in use and are thankful for the opportunity to provide you with quality music and movement resources.

I also want to say a big thank you to all of the amazing artists mentioned above. They are wonderful people and we are so thankful for their willingness to share inspiring and educational songs with all of us.

Now, go have fun with some scarves and winter songs!

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