Chiffon Scarves for Early Childhood Learning and Play

Chiffon Scarves for Early Childhood Learning and Play

Nana-Carols-Corner-Music-Movement-Early-Childhood-Play-LearningLately, Maddie has been obsessed with her Bear Paw Creek chiffon scarves. She truly plays with them every day. I keep them in the bag Janet sent them in and I hang that bag on a peg that Maddie can reach. I thought I would share what she does with them and some of her favorite music.

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Peek a Boo

My granddaughter, Maddie, will celebrate her second birthday on February 25.  I was looking at some old photos and videos of her and found a video of her playing Peek-A-Boo with one of her Bear Paw Creek scarves.  We took that video when she was 10 months old.  She held a scarf in front of her face.  Someone would say, “Where’s Maddie?”  and she would lower the scarf and we would say, “There she is!  Peek-a-boo.”  We would play that game over and over again.

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Now Maddie plays with her scarves every day.  She tries to drape them around her shoulders.  As she adds an additional scarf the others slip off of her shoulders. Yet, she sits there trying to get them all on.  After many attempts she finally gives up and walks around wearing one or two scarves.  She also likes to wear a scarf over her face like a veil.

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Music Suggestions

Maddie loves using the scarves as a movement prop.  Her favorite song is “Rainbow ‘Round Me” from Miss Carole’s Polk-a-Dots album.  As Miss Carole sings about a new color, Maddie quickly drops the scarf she is holding and grabs the one that is the color Miss Carole just mentioned.  I am amazed at how well Maddie can follow the song and she sings some of the lines along with Miss Carole.

Maddie mimics my movements when Hap Palmer’s “Toss It High Let It Fly” from his Can Cockatoos Count by Twos album is playing.  In the song as you toss your scarf you have it land on different parts of your body.  Maddie can’t really toss the scarf, but she does place it on the correct body parts as Hap sings.

There are other songs on my Scarfs Playlist that Maddie and I don’t use yet, but they were a hit when I used them with my preschoolers when I was a classroom teacher.  Those songs are:

“Castle Flags” from Ronno’s Castles, Knights & Unicorns album

“Dancing Scarf Blues’ from Miss Carole’s Dancing Feet album

“Magic Scarf” from Hap Palmer’s Can Cockatoos Count by Twos album

Check out this Spotify playlist to hear these songs!

The chiffon scarves are airy, colorful, and a lot of fun to use.  Give them a try!

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Carol Hartery

Carol Hartery

I retired 3 years ago after teaching in the early childhood world for 42 years.  Now I spend my time doing music and movement activities with my 10 month old granddaughter.  When we play music she responds by "babbling along" and shaking her body to the beat.   I know from my experience as an early childhood educator that music and movement activities benefit a child's fine and gross motor skills, listening skills, and language development as they burn off some energy and have fun!