Building Brains with Music by Music with Mar.

Did you know Bear Paw Creek was started 23 years ago in the basement of a rental home in Springfield, Missouri?  It has brought more opportunities, fulfillment, and joy to my life than I could have ever dreamed.  Besides being a small part that helps get music and movement into the hands of therapists, educators,  parents, and children, the other benefit of this business is all of the connections I have made through the years.

Why am I taking a trip down this memory lane? I am always amazed and humbled by the possibilities we have to connect with people from all around the world. In this blog post I am going to share about one of those connections, Maryann from Music with Mar.

Connecting Through Music

Many of you know the story of how Bear Paw Creek came to be. If not, you may enjoy reading about it. What started as a way to provide creative movement props, instrument cases, and storage bags to music therapists has continued to grow. Now, not only do music therapists utilize our creative movement props, they are also used by parents at home with their children, teachers in classrooms, and more!

Since our products go great with music, I am always looking for fun songs and have greatly enjoyed getting to connect with children's music artists over the years. Mar. is one of them! Here is a little bit about Mar:

Maryann “Mar.” Harman is a music educator with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music and a Master’s in Education, with an emphasis in Early Childhood and is certified in Level I Orff.  These degrees contribute to her ability to write songs that are musically and educationally sound for children as well as fun and easy to use for teachers and parents.  She is the founder of the internationally-enjoyed Music with Mar. Brain Research Based program, Music with Mar. International (Beijing, China) and hosted BAM! Radio Music and Learning Channel.  Mar. has written songs for  Dr. Becky Bailey’s “I Love You Rituals”, Kaplan’s LED Program and has won a John Lennon Songwriter’s Award. She completed a 12 hour certification in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.  Mar. has also done a TEDx Talk titled “Building Brains with Music”.  She is a sought after speaker for her knowledge, passion and entertaining delivery.

Several years ago she wrote a few songs to use with our Stretchy Bands and compiled this album, Music for Manipulatives. We also pulled together a movement prop and instrument kit that can be used with her music. Now, I am so excited that Mar. has shared her years of research and wisdom in a Ted Talk and a new book!

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Building Brains with Music

I loved getting to listen to Mar.'s Ted Talk and want to share it here. This will give you an idea of what is in her new book, newly released in the fall of 2022.

I thoroughly enjoyed her book and wish I had had this resource when I started my parenting journey in 1998. I wish that her information would be part of the standardized education system, so that future generations could benefit from it. She sums it up nicely in the forward:

Who should read this book? Anyone who has a child in their life, whether as a parent, family member, teacher or someone else involved in the child's care, should read this book.  The information contained will change how you view music.  It will not only have a positive, direct impact on the child; it will have an impact on you, the reader, as well.

I was also thrilled at the mention of Bear Paw Creek's products and songs she shares. For $19.99, you not only get the book, but access to the digital music she mentions throughout the book!  We are proud to be carrying it on our site and hope to be able to help get it into the hands of as many people as possible. Click here to get your copy! 

As we connect through education, music, and relationships, this world gets better and better. Keep singing!

Janet Stephens

Janet Stephens

Janet is the founder, designer, and one of the seamstresses behind Bear Paw Creek's made in the USA line of creative movement props, and bags. She is passionate about her faith, family, and loves the journey of learning and growing this life provides.