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Streamers are great fun for dynamic movement activities and dance! Sold in sets of six with chiffon scarf or ribbon choices, drawstring storage bag included. Or buy them individually for your needs. Product Options Below.

Dynamic Movement Hoop and Wrist Streamers are available in sets of 6 and individual.

Bear Paw Creek streamers have been one of our top best selling creative movement props since the beginning. Chiffon scarves or satin ribbons flow 24″ off of either a 4 1/2″ plastic hoop or fabric wrist scrunchie.  Our dynamic movement streamers are available in rainbow or primary colors.  The sets of 6 come in a drawstring storage bag.  6 for $30/$35  and the individual are $5.50/$6.50 each.

Pick your options above:

  1.  Choose your handle: hoop or fabric wrist scrunchie
  2. Pick either chiffon or ribbon  As my daughter said, “The ribbons make me want to jump up and down and go crazy, the others are more calming and flowing.”  Both are beautiful, but can create a different mood.
  3. Choose a 6 pack or individual
  4. Add to cart

The fabric wrist scrunchie streamer was another idea from my fabulous sister, she discovered this need in group participation for individuals that are not able to grasp items.  They are wonderful as you can put them on your wrist, elbows, arms, or even ankles to have your hand free for other movement activities.

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From a conversation with Miss Carole of Macaroni Soup, we released the Teacher/Leader white scrunchie. This is to delineate the teacher/leader for group activities. Another discovery with the connect-a-band is to put the dynamic movement streamers over the band and initiate a new activity. Fine motor skills are involved with  stretching the fabric wrist scrunchie over the band, then turn around and work those large muscle groups.  The hoop streamers can slide around the stretchy band. Can you get it to stop on red or green?  Great for color recognition, match up colors, or how about teach complimentary colors.

Check out this blog post for more inspiration:  Margie La Bella Review and Music for Streamers

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Hoop or Wrist

Plastic Hoop, Fabric Wrist Scrunchie


Chiffon Scarf, Ribbon


Primary, Rainbow, White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple


6 Pack, Individual

1 review for Streamers

  1. Katie (verified owner)

    These streamers are excellent! I have the chiffon style in both the hoop and the wrist attachments. They are so versatile. I love how long they are; I think it encourages folks to use their entire range of motion. Having the option of the hoop as well as the wrist attachments make them a great item for my nursing home group.

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