Let’s Play Music Singable Books and More

Let's Play Music Singable Books and More

A few months ago Shelle Soelberg from Let's Play Music said...hey let's do a giveaway in February together!

The result?

This giveaway that includes literacy activities for preschoolers, music, and new wipeable bean bags.

Below, I'll share more information about the books, music, and bean bags.


Meet the Soelbergs

Most of you know how I started Bear Paw Creek and it has helped me achieve my hard fought goal to stay home with our children.  I never set out to be a business woman but here I am!  Because of that, I get to make connections with some AMAZING people, and Shelle and Dave are on that list!  The original connection came because they have been using our stretchy bands, scarves, and bean bags in their program.

Lets Play Music Founders Shelle and Dave Soelberg methods for teaching children through music

Here is a snippet about them: "Let’s Play Music was founded by Shelle Soelberg in 1998. While studying Music Education at Brigham Young University, Shelle thrilled at the teaching philosophies of early music educators. The ideas of Curwen, Kodaly, Orff and Dalcroze sounded so appealing and accurate and she longed to make them part of her teaching."

Check out their "About the Founders" page to learn more.

In pulling this blog post together, I found out that Shelle has a podcast you might be interested in, as well.  Let's Play Music Podcast  can be found on Apple, and is about the following.

We enrich lives with the power of music. Our music programs for children harness that power and go beyond just teaching music. Our podcast focuses on reaching dedicated parents and teachers who value the development of the whole child. We explore music education, early childhood education, music history and music theory to provide both insight and methods for teaching children through music.

Unique Dance Games Rainbow Preschool 4 inch Square Bean Bag Let's Play Music Activity Directors

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Tone Bells and Music

Included in the giveaway is a set of Tone Bells and Music.

Specially engraved with solfeg syllables. 8 colorful removable tone bells with logo carrying case and 2 mallet.

Let's Play Music Tone Bells

Big color-coded notes to correspond to the Tone Bell Set!  16 fun songs from the 1st Year and perfectly sized to fit in the Tone Bell case.

Lets Play Music 8 note tone bell songbook

Two singable storybooks for home use, includes free song download to go with book. These are great for literacy activities for preschoolers and early childhood. Check them out below!

NEW Wipeable Bean Bags

2020 sure brought many changes in the classroom and home.  Music Education and group activities were completely upended. Distance learning became the new normal, which brought educators and parents scrambling to accommodate and ensure we could continue to keep music and movement in their hands.  We collaborated with music educators, dance teachers, and music therapists to bring you our personal student kits.

We also created a wipeable balloon ball and our newest addition are wipeable bean bags.

These are made out of durable nylon packcloth that can be wiped off between use and also machine washed. We would recommend wiping off with sanitizing wipes between use, and machine washing once a week.  They are available in a 12 pack currently, and we are thinking of offering a six pack as well.

Rainbow Music Therapy Props Dance Therapy Set of 12 Sanitizable Four Inch Square Bean Bags Early Education Teachers


Be sure to enter the giveaway. Drawing will take place Feb 8, 2021!


Janet Stephens

Janet Stephens

Janet is the founder, designer, and one of the seamstresses behind Bear Paw Creek's made in the USA line of creative movement props, and bags. She is passionate about her faith, family, and loves the journey of learning and growing this life provides.

2 thoughts on “Let’s Play Music Singable Books and More”

  1. I absolutely LOVE the amazing products specially designed and produced by Bear Paw Creek! I am overjoyed with the stretchy bands, the balloon balls, the bean bags, the carrying cases, and so much more for my arsenal of instruments! I am doing some in person individual music therapy and some online. I appreciate all Janet has done for the music profession to provide quality hands-on learning manipulatives to increase learning. I also appreciate all the wonderful giveaways that she and her colleagues also contribute. Made In America!
    Thank YOU!

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