5 Best Toddler Activities Props For Groups

5 Best Toddler Activities Props For Groups

What are the best props for group activities for toddlers?

Toddler activities props can make or break any group setting whether it be circle time, movement class, creative dance, or a playgroup. Being ready with the right props will make that social interaction time go so much smoother and allow learning to take place seamlessly.

Toddler-Activities-Props-for-Groups movement props for toddlers

With The Right Music And Movement Props Group Activities For Toddlers Are Sure To Be A Success

toddler activities props for groups Colorful, engaging, versatile, and just plain fun, these toddler activities props are great to have on the ready for any toddler group.

5 Toddler Activities Props

Stretchy Band -Toddler Activities Prop #1

The bright-colored Stretchy Band is probably the most versatile of all the movement props. It can be used in innumerable ways. Here are just a few ideas.

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Group activities for toddlers with the Stretchy Band

  • Learning Colors. Have everyone hold a different colored section and when their color is named they can lift it up
  • Exploring Rhythm and Beat
  • A physical boundary for group or circle time. Use the stretchy band as a boundary for the circle with a specific section for each child during any game or circle time.
  • Abstract concepts. Learning concepts like up, down, around, on top of, under. The stretchy band makes this learning concrete with just one tool. Add music and you’ve got a hit.
  • Action Songs and Games. “Ring around the Pumpkinand other movement songs that teach concepts work great using the stretchy band

 Stretchy band in action

More ideas, tips, and activities  for using a stretchy band  

The bright-colored Stretchy Band is probably the most versatile of all the toddler activities props. It can be used in innumerable ways. Here are just a few ideas.

Balloon Ball -Toddler Activities Prop #2

You can do anything with a Balloon Ball that you can do with a balloon… only more. You can even play with it on grass, as it doesn’t pop nearly as easy. The Balloon Ball is sturdier than an uncovered balloon, and it has a more grounded feel to it. You can't go wrong choosing the Balloon Ball as far as toddler activities props go.

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Group activities for toddlers with the Balloon Ball

  • Keep it in the air. Challenging the kids to keep the balloon ball in the air or “don’t let it touch the floor” is a classic game made better by the Balloon Ball.
  • Balloon Ball “hot potato”. Kids pass the ball in a circle. The object is to not be caught with the ball when the music stops.
  • Catch. The Balloon Ball is the perfect size and weight to learn how to play catch with two. Or in a circle with a group.
  • Basket Ball. Set up a laundry basket and let the kids practice throwing it.
  • Hit the Balloon Ball. Give the children wrapping paper tubes and let them pass the balloon ball to each other by hitting it with the tubes.
  • Catch a Balloon in a Funnel. Throw the Balloon Ball to the kids and let them catch it in a giant funnel.

Bean Bags -Toddler Activities Prop #3

Bean bags are a classic toddler activities prop and can’t be beaten for versatility, texture, and fun! Our Bean Bags are machine washable and can be used for an endless array of games and activities.

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Group activities for toddlers with Bean Bags

  • Hot Potato. Sit in a circle and pass the bag until the music stops.
  • Drop the Hankie. Use a Bean Bag instead of a hankie.
  • Duck-Duck-Goose. Add an extra element to a classic game by setting a Bean bag on the “goose”
  • Basket Ball. Use the Bean bags to toss into a laundry basket or other container.
  • Bean Bag Toss. Toss the Bean bag to a partner.
  • Color sort. Put colored Bean bags onto like colored paper or in colored buckets.
  • Bean bag balance. Walk on a string or tape with a Bean bag balanced on your head.
  • Bean Bag race. Try racing with the Bean bag balanced on a wooden spoon for extra fun.
  • Hopscotch. Using the Bean Bag in place of a stone.
  • Bean Bag Relay. With children in a line -front to back, have them pass the Bean bag over their head, to the child behind them, and so on down the line.

For more fun with Bean bags check out these indoor games with movement props.

Jingle Bell Wrist Scrunchies -Toddler Activities Prop #4

Jingle Bell Wrist Scrunchies make the same satisfying sound as jingle bells, but can be worn on the wrist. Perfect for young children and those whose motor development makes it harder to hold on to traditional handles.

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Group activities for toddlers with Wrist Scrunchies Jingle Bells

  • Active story participation. Each child has a “jingle bell” and jingles it at a set time in a song or story.
  • Rhythm learning activities. Jingle bells enhance any rhythm activity.
  • Sensory bin material. Jingle bells are a great component to a sensory bin.
  • Band. Jingle bells are a great addition to a class or home instrument collection
  • Creative Dance props. Jingle bells on the wrists or ankles make a fun addition to any creative dance party.
  • Counting. Learn to count with Jingle bell wrist scrunchies as a manipulative.

Snowball Movement Set -Toddler Activities Prop #5

The Snowball Movement Set will bring fun to any gathering. Little ones can have a snowball fight without cold snow in their face or the sting of a tightly packed snowball. These lightweight, fluffy balls are easy to throw and fun to catch without any of the scary elements of getting hit by a ball. Perfect fun for toddlers through adulthood!

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Group activities for toddlers with a Snowball Movement Set

  • Catch
  • Relay Races
  • Pass the Snowball
  • Snowball Toss (into a basket or bucket)
  • Snowball fight -even indoors!
  • Sensory Bin filler
  • Snowball Freeze Dance
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