Teaching Literacy with the Stretchy Band

Teaching Literacy with the Stretchy Band

I have mentioned several times before that I have some great videos that were taken back in 2012 and I am slowly working on getting through and sharing. The following is one I have really been wanting to share, since it shows a different way you can utilize the stretchy band for teaching literacy!

My sister over at Tuneful Teaching is the facilitator in this video and she wrote up a fantastic blog post with the specific ways to do this.

Alliteration and the Stretchy Band Music Therapy Early Childhood Teachers

Teaching Alliteration & Beat Competence

The Stretchy Band makes an appearance in my book three times.  The video below shows one example focusing on the skill of alliteration, also referred to as “sound matching.”  Alliteration is a fancy word for when words start with the same sound and it is an important foundational skill for learning to read. 

The Stretchy Band is also a fabulous way to teach “beat competence,” the ability to move your body in a steady beat which matches the tempo of music.  The fun thing about the Stretchy Band is that when you have a child who struggles in this area, you can put them between two children who have already developed this skill and their hands will get the sensory input of an object that is moving in time with the beat.



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Janet Stephens

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