Inspired Tree House Stretchy Band Shapes and Teamwork

Stretchy Band Shapes and Teamwork

Last fall The Inspired Tree House reviewed the connect-a-band. The following video shows a group of kids working together to make a different shape with the connect-a-bands. (Here they have three connect-a-bands buckled together, the same size as a large stretchy band.)

Check out these printable shape cards to get the group started in working together.


Why does teamwork matter?

We all know that we use teamwork through out our lives.  Your first team is your immediate family and as you go through life you are constantly being put on new teams.  Working with others comes with rewards and struggles through the different stages of life.  Even corporate America brings in sessions on teaching group/team building activities – so although it starts as a child, it is something we continue on through our lives.

The following quote comes from this blog post: Teamwork and Children

“Teamwork requires people to work cooperatively with others towards a shared purpose. For a team to work together effectively, it takes all members of the team to respect each other’s abilities and opinions. Teamwork is a highly social activity and involves much interaction and exchanging of ideas and actions. Being part of a team enables your child to move from more intrapersonal (individual) ways of thinking to interpersonal (communicating with others). It will help a child in all areas of their learning, and help them to feel part of a community, too.  Working as part of a team will strengthen your child’s social and emotional skills, help develop their communication skills, and can improve confidence.”

For those of you who use a stretchy band or connect-a-band, I’d love to hear other ways you see in how it connects a group together to achieve teamwork.  Leave a comment below and share so others can learn from your experience!

Janet Stephens

Janet is the founder, designer, and one of the seamstresses behind Bear Paw Creek's made in the USA line of creative movement props, and bags. She is passionate about her faith, family, and loves the journey of learning and growing this life provides.

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