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Nine Foot Canopy Scarf

Nine Foot Canopy Scarf


Bear Paw Creek is proud to offer the 9 foot Scarf Canopy.  Developed at the request of music therapists and early childhood educators, scarf canopies have a myriad of uses.

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The nine foot scarf canopy is available in the following colors for $35.

  • White
  • Black
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Royal Blue
  • Lavender

Patriotic USA Pack includes one each: Red, White, Blue for $90.


  • Visually and tactilely stimulating
  • Dance Therapy Tool
  • See-through
  • Folds to small size (highly portable)
  • Light Weight
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Canopy Size: 9×9 feet square

Best Dance Therapy Tools Movement Music Therapy Nine Foot Canopy Chiffon Scarf Activity Directors


USE this dance therapy tool as you would a parachute:  Lift up for children to run under. Add props to the middle (balloon ball, leaves, cotton balls, etc.) Sitting in a circle, the group can work on range of motion.

USE for dress up and sensory integration: Could be a cape, gown, making into a tent.

USE this dance therapy tool as a prop: Blue: water, river sky ocean – sit on the water and row your boat, or sit underneath and imagine you are under the sea.  Red: heat, fire truck, make into a big heart.  White: snow, clouds, are.  Black: night. Use as a background for a puppet show. Dance!

USE for relaxation: Have children/babies lie under while you hold the edges for a soothing breeze and soft “kisses”.

USE for range of motion/movement: Can move as a group (up, down, side to side, etc.) Can use in one or two hands.  Work as a team to run and have the canopy fly behind you. Tie multiple colors together in the middles with color spokes coming out in all directions.

USE for games:  Children under the canopy trying to “hit” props out while adults are at the edge keeping the props in, Tug of War.

Folding for storage: Lynn Kleiner’s The Colors are Gliding is a genius way to fold your scarves!

Wash cool and air dry.  Keep from flames or intense heat.  Made in the USA.


Red, Black, White, Pink, Royal Blue, Lavender, USA Pack


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