How To Use The Connect-a-Stretchy Band and Stretchy Band in Creative Movement Activities

How To Use The Connect-a-Stretchy Band and Stretchy Band in Creative Movement Activities

I am so excited to have gotten connected with Sandra from Sing, Play, Create a year ago.  I stumbled across her site from her blog post on the stretchy band.

She puts together amazing creative movement and music activities, and now she is sharing more innovative ideas, specifically with the connect-a-stretchy band.

We are also partnering up for a giveaway that will be worth over $200 in products!

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Learn More About the New Resource for Connect-a-Stretchy Bands

love this quote from Sandra:

Did you know that creative movement is the TOP solution to activating your students interest, helping them transition to music class and engaging them as learners.


It’s more than “Brainbreaks”. Students need to develop Gross and Fine motor skills. They need learning opportunities that connect and use all senses. They also need opportunities to use their bodies to express music.

And YOU- Teachers need strategies to keep students engaged and learning.

If you are not familiar with the creative movement bundles that Sandra puts out – you are in for a real treat!

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Here are a few snippets from her recent blog post:

1 - Provide opportunities to use large muscles to move and play games.
  • Using both hands together in activities.
  • Using arms and legs at the same time.
  • Using Right and Left hands.
  • Developing core stability and trunk rotation.
  • Moving across the midline.

2 - Provide social interaction opportunities.

3 - Provide opportunities for the brain and body to work together.

4- Provide opportunities to burn off stress.

5 - Provide opportunities to gain strength and confidence in the body and promotes an active lifestyle.

6 - Promotes balance.

7 - Provide opportunities to find joy in moving the body.

8 - Provide opportunities to use fine motor muscles.

  • Activities that use only one hand reinforce and strengthen the dominant hand.
  • Using two hands in activities strengthens bilateral integration.
  • Strengthens fingers
  • Provides positive experiences using fine motor muscles.


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How To Use The Connect-a-Stretchy Band and Stretchy Band in Creative Movement Activities

This brand new Creative Movement Activities resource includes eighteen (18) activities and directions, 55 Movement Cards including real pictures of real kids demonstrating how to use the bands and more ideas on how to use the bands in your classroom.

To get an idea of what’s in this 150+ page resource- KEEP READING! There are sixteen different ways to use this fantastic resource in your classroom.


Use to create smaller circle groups for games, folk dances and game songs like:

“Doggie-Doggie Where’s Your Bone”

“Mouse, Mousie”

“Bluebird, bluebird”

WANT TO READ MORE?   Head over to her blog post ( you won’t be disappointed!):

Sing Play Create Innovative Connect-a-stretchy band

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