Hop Song Musical Movement with Bean Bags

Bean Bag Hop Song with Bean Bags

I just love it when someone shares a lesson plan, activity, pictures, videos, or songs using Bear Paw Creek products!

This time Rachel over at Listen Learn Music has written a new musical movement song to use with bean bags.

Of course – I have to share it with you!  It is always fun to add a new song to your list.

I have also added some bean bags on to the shop!  We not offer neutral and jeweled tone bean bags along with the original primary colors and textured bean bags.

Four Inch Bean Bag Hop Song Listen Learn Music Movement Children

Favorite Four Inch Square Bean Bags

It’s a wonderful compliment when someone shares that something we make is their favorite!  There are so many choices in this world, it’s a high compliment.  Rachel wrote a beautiful post about our bean bags and a new song she wrote.  Here is part of what she said:

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, MANY of my songs revolve around the use of props. They can be such a wonderful tool for addressing motor skills, coordination, group participation, turn-taking, and much more.

Bean bags are wonderful tools for addressing so many different skills: balance, dexterity, crossing the midline, hand-eye coordination, and the list goes on. This particular song targets several of those objectives, along with impulse control, following directions, and identifying body parts.

I love watching my students and clients attempt all of the directives in this song, from making the bean bag hop from hand to hand during the chorus, to placing it on each body part in the verses.

“Bean Bag Hop”, like most of my other songs, can easily be adapted to meet the needs and strengths of each individual or group. It can be done sitting, standing, hopping, or however else your creativity moves you!

Be sure to check out her new song, it’s a steal at only $3!

Bean Bag Hop Listen and Learn Music

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Bear Paw Creek Musical Movement Bean Bag Options

For those of you who have been Bear Paw Creek friends for awhile, you know bean bags were one of the first things my Mom taught me to sew when I was a child.

We have five different options to offer now on the shop.

  • Primary
  • Jeweled Tone
  • Textured
  • Neutral
  • Primary/Neutral
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