DiscoverDance Movement Prop Addition and Learning Opportunity

DiscoverDance Movement Prop Addition and Learning Opportunity

Awhile ago I got connected with Andrea over at DiscoverDance Early Childhood Dance Education.  This connections brought her jeweled colors to the stretchy band, scarves, bean bags, and balloon ball.

Today I added the connect-a-stretchy band and some hoop ribbon streamers in her colors!

She also has some very exciting things going on, including a free download “Discover the Power of Props.”  Read on!

DiscoverDance and Bear Paw Creek Collaboration Early Dance Movement Props

Learn Why Creative Movement Props Are in the Top 3

Here is what Andrea has to say!

Props, props, and more PROPS! Learn why props are one of the top 3 key elements to a successful early childhood dance program tomorrow at 1pm CST here on Facebook.

PLUS-viewers will receive a coupon code to receive a discount on the DiscoverDance Collection through our partnership with Bear Paw Creek, LLC!

Tired of using the same ol’ props?

Have a stash collecting dust in storage?
This free guide includes over 30 different props, 14 class activities, how and why to use them, and where to shop. Everything you need to bring fresh, creative, and fun ideas to your little ones in one place!


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DiscoverDance Creative Movement Props Available by Bear Paw Creek

DiscoverDance Movement Props come in their bright jeweled tone logo.  Bright Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Turquoise, and Purple.

Available in the following products:

  • Medium Stretchy Band
  • Connect-a-Stretchy Band
  • Four Inch Square Bean Bags
  • Fabric Cover Balloon Ball
  • Hoop Ribbon Streamers

Best Community Dynamic Movement Discover Dance Movement Prop Set Preschool Teachers



Playlist Featuring 11 Videos with DiscoverDance Props

You don’t want to miss these!

Janet Stephens

Janet Stephens

Janet is the founder, designer, and one of the seamstresses behind Bear Paw Creek's made in the USA line of creative movement props, and bags. She is passionate about her faith, family, and loves the journey of learning and growing this life provides.

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