Children’s Librarians and the Stretchy Band For Music and Movement Games

Children’s Librarians and the Stretchy Band For Music and Movement Games

I recently completed a 400 tote bag order for a library in North Carolina.  They were our clear pocket tote bag with some additions:  custom embroidery and a zippered top.  It took me several tries to get the zippered top satisfactory, but I am pleased with the end results and will be adding them to the site soon.  I love the clear pocket tote bag for my own use, and having it be zippered just raised it’s likability to even greater heights!

I have also been receiving more orders from libraries, some here in Missouri and others across our country.  The most popular items they order are the stretchy band and connect-a-band.  You can read about a post I did on my personal love of libraries.

I recently found this blog post featuring some wonderful activity suggestions by a librarian with the stretchy band or connect-a-stretchy band.

Best Creative Movement Prop Bear Paw Creek Rainbow Stretchy Band Music Educators

The Giant Dance Scrunchie


This is from the Libraryland Blog Post.  Here I'll share a portion, and then you must head over to see her song suggestions and how she uses the stretchy bands at the library.

Once upon a time, I attended a Jim Gill early childhood workshop and he brought out a giant dance scrunchie.  He showed off how he used his scrunchie and it was a lot of fun!  Fast forward about 10 years to when I had extra money in my programming budget and my library got our own giant scrunchie.

I will admit that giant scrunchies are not necessary to putting on a quality story time.  There are many supplies that I would get first (such as books, shakers, and scarves), which is why it took 10 years for me to get one.  There is a lot of good that you can do with them, though, in a group environment.

The scrunchie that I bought is from Bear Paw Creek.  There are various sizes that you can purchase, depending on your needs.  I use the XL stretchy band that they say works with 11-14 people, but I can easily fit 25 2-year-olds around it.  While it would be possible to make your own, this one is brightly colored and durable.

My ideal group to use this with is with kids ages 2-5.  I have tried it with the babies (under 24 months) and they like to squish it.  They just aren't ready for the movement that this entails.  With my 2-year-olds, we used to do Ring Around the Rosie and hold hands in a circle.  My kids here don't like to touch so we would end up with a snaky shape, rather than a circle.  They will hold the stretchy band though.

When looking for songs, I look for ones that use a circle, similar to what I would do when planning parachute activities.  Up and down, fast and slow, and colors all work well too.  Here are some of my favorites:

Ring around the rosie,

A pocketful of posies,
Ashes, ashes,
We all fall down!

Click on the image to head over to her blog post!

Children's Librarians Music Movement Colorful Community Stretchy Band Giant Dance Scrunchie


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Janet Stephens

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