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Since 2000, Bear Paw Creek has been designing and manufacturing creative movement props, bags and totes for instruments.  We hope our blog will inspire teachers, therapists, and parents as they seek to enrich the live  of others through music and movement.


Safe Music and Movement Activities for Early Childhood Teacher Groups

Safe Music and Movement Activities for Groups

Safe Music and Movement Activities for Groups We ALL Need to Move! Ohhh, as I sit here I’m kind of freezing and feeling a bit cooped up. And I’m thinking about all of the kids in our classrooms (and their teachers.) Really at this time […]

ABA Therapy Props Musical Movement Daycare Providers Parents

Giving Thanks for Music Therapists

The education of the Music Therapist and integrates the study of music with the study of health, development, and psychology. They not only understand music and its effects but they also study to understand people, therefore, they can match the therapy with the client.

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