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Our Blog on Creative Music and Movement Products

Since 2000, Bear Paw Creek has been designing and manufacturing creative movement props, bags and totes for instruments.  We hope our blog will inspire teachers, therapists, and parents as they seek to enrich the live  of others through music and movement.


Teaching Your Child How to Calm Down

4 Easy Ways to Teach Your Child to Calm Down Quickly Prevent Future Tantrums

4 Simple Ways to Teach Your Child How to Calm Down & Managing Their Emotions Are you tired of turning on the news and being bombarded with stories about violence? Psychologists hope that if children learn how to manage their emotions at a young age, […]

Pumpkin Jack Early Education Pre K Teachers Alphabet Learning

Teach Children the Alphabet with Pumpkins

Celebrate fall by teaching your child a variety of skills using pumpkins! This simple activity teaches children how to identify uppercase and lowercase letters using items you have at home (or in the classroom) along with a pumpkin.

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