5 Ways to Add Patriotic Music to your Music Lessons & Sessions

5 Ways to Add Patriotic Music to your Music Lessons & Sessions

Centering a music lesson or music therapy session around patriotic music can be so rewarding, for both the leader and for the participants.

As we look forward to celebrating Memorial Day, Flag Day, and the Fourth of July in the United States, here are several music intervention ideas using patriotic music.

Five Ways to Add Patriotic Music Lessons Sessions Music Therapy Education

Patriotic Music & Movement Cards

For younger children, here is a great learning packet from the Oopsey Daisy Blog. I’ve used their movement cards before for different seasons and holidays, and the U is for the U.S.A. movement cards are great fun!

It is simple to mimic the movements on the cards, especially while moving with a stretchy band, a scarf, or a streamer. You can add waving, blasting off, flying (moving arms up and down), and marching all while listening to patriotic marches. Some specific musical selections are listed below for you (so read on!).

Click on the image for the download link:

Patriotic Movement Cards Early Childhood Activity

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Singable Books

JoAnn Jordan, MT-BC from Music Sparks shares several singable patriotic books over on her blog. You can add these patriotic singable books to your music lesson or music therapy session very easily, all while working on literacy skills, listening skills, singing skills, and language skills.

Click here for JoAnn sharing singable Patriotic Books.

Patriotic Music & Movement for All Age

You will read about marching soon, but first I wanted to cover using slower and very purposeful gross motor movements. For childen, it may be a challenge to move slowly while using muscles that are used to moving quickly most of the time! For our older adults, we focus on stretching and moving muscles that are not used as much. For these slower movements, you can pair a stretchy band or scarves while slowly singing America (My Country ‘tis of Thee) and America the Beautiful.

Adding red, white, and blue streamers or American flags always provides an interesting visual for your participants – young and old! You can incorporate You’re a Grand Old Flag or God Bless America with moving to the music.

Patriotic Musical Jeopardy

Do yourself a favor and check out Soundscaping Source’s Rachelle Norman and her take on patriotic Musical Jeopardy. She gives suggestions for fill-in-the-blank, name-that-tune, and military tunes for the Jeopardy categories, and gives a visual of her easy-to-setup Jeopardy board. This is a must-see for those working with adults!

Patriotic Musical Jeopardy from Rachelle Norman

Patriotic Marches

If you turn to YouTube, you can listen to many of the military bands performing their specific marches. If you can, use high quality recordings from these military bands — you will not be disappointed!


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