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Make Your Own Hoop Streamers – 4″ Poly-carbonate Hoops

Make Your Own Hoop Streamers – 4″ Poly-carbonate Hoops


Make your own creative movement streamers. Buy our 4″ large plastic hoops and add ribbon, fabric, plastic tablecloths cut into strips, or other creative streamers.

4″ Large Plastic Hoop – $1.50

Looking for a budget friendly source for creative movement hoop streamers? Buy our large plastic hoops and add streamers of your choice!  Here are some ideas.

  • Ribbons
  • Fabric Strips
  • Plastic Tablecloths Cut into Strips
  • Yarn
  • Crepe Paper
  • Create Seasonal Streamers and re-use the hoops for the next one

Check out our streamers that are ready to go.  These come in different varieties with either chiffon scarf or ribbons.  We also have a fabric wrist scrunchie option instead of the large plastic hoop.

Colorful Senstory Integration Hoop Jewel Toned Ribbon Streamers Andrea Trench Discover Dance Childcare Directors


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