Autism and Natural Play Therapy: Child-led Fun Activities for Kids

In this post, we are discussing Natural Play Therapy for autism. Why does Yvonne Marshall love Natural Play Therapy, and what wisdom does it offer for all parents?

Also, how can you do more than be aware of autism this month? We’ll tell you!

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Why Natural Play Therapy for Autism?

Autism can be isolating.

Sometimes a child with autism seeks isolation when their environment is over-stimulating. Even when the child would like to be in the company of others, coping mechanisms (called stimming) may startle others and cause them to be stand-offish.

Often people try to break that isolation by creating a fun activity and inviting the child to play. Sometimes this is successful, but often a person with autism does not respond the way we would expect.

Natural Play Therapy offers an alternative approach.

With Natural Play Therapy, you first observe the natural play (or stimming) that the child is involved in. After a while, you may play with or beside him. You enter his world, rather than expecting that he enter yours. This creates a connection between the you and him. It breaches that isolation.

This therapy results in less stress and more understanding for everyone.

Music Movement Four Inch Bean Bags Natural Play Therapy Fun for George

Yvonne Marshall’s 8 year old son, George, has autism. Finding Natural Play Therapy was a turning point for her and George. It helped her understand a different of way of looking at autistic behavior. Using play to enter George’s world, she has found a great way to connect with him.

You can read more about it in the FAQ section of her blog, George’s Natural Play Therapy. You can also connect with Yvonne through Hope4George, on Facebook.


I love NPT because it’s a non-judgmental approach, that lets us accept George where he is at, believing that he is doing the best he can. It’s about building emotional trust and strengthening relationships. Click To Tweet

Use the Wisdom of Natural Play Therapy.

How can you use the wisdom of Natural Play Therapy with your children?

Observe your children. What delights them? What do they enjoy doing? Can you join in some of their play? Are there ways to let them lead in fun activities that you do together?

  • In the classroom, pull out a stretchy band for circle-time activities. When you are done, instead of putting them away, ask the kids what they would like to try next. If you have the Connect-a-Stretchy-Band, then you can take them apart and let the kids have time to explore using them in self-directed activity.
  • At home make sure there is time in your child’s day to play and unwind. My girls delight in putting on music and dancing. Provide movement scarves to add magic to their motions. Dance with them, it will lift your mood (dancing, giggles and bonding, what could be better?).

Many of the activities in a child’s life are adult-driven. By giving your child adequate time to play and explore, you can reduce their stress. Watch them play sometime, and ask if you can join. When you enter into their world through play, you communicate respect for them. You say, “I am interested in you.”

George Natural Play Therapy Music Education Preschool Teachers

Earlier, I wrote about the isolation that a child with autism may feel.

It won’t surprise you that parents of children with autism often feel isolated as well.

As parents wade through all of the emotional and physical issues of autism, they find themselves in a world that many don’t understand. Well-meaning advice may be discouraging. Quite often they spend hours a week on research, trying to find the cause and a cure. They navigate therapy sessions, insurance paperwork, and sometimes medication.

Just as a child with autism needs his parents to come alongside him as his companion,  those parents also need companions to come alongside them in this journey of care. Yvonne has this support through family and friends, including Janet Stephens, of Bear Paw Creek.

That’s why Bear Paw Creek is celebrating Autism Awareness by giving fifteen percent of sales in April to fund Yvonne’s play therapy goals:

  • Putting a Murphy bed in George’s room so that he has more room to play during the day with Yvonne or one of his care-givers.
  • Constructing a climbing area for George because he loves to climb and it is so good for him.
  • Fencing in the outdoor area so that George can play outside securely.
  • Adding some play equipment outside after the fence is built.

I have seen George’s infectious smile when he is doing something he loves. I’m picturing his smile as he enjoys climbing around with his brothers on the equipment Yvonne wants to build for him.

George with Textured Bean Bags by Bear Paw Creek Made in the USA

What can you do? Build up your kid’s resource of “playing tools”.

By buying movement props for your kids to play with, you’ll be doing more than being aware of autism this month. You will be coming alongside Yvonne as she improves the environment to connect with George through play.

Fifteen percent, of every dollar spent this April, goes to that goal.

Let’s do this!

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    I am blown away at this well-written, thoughtful, insightful, and generous experience you have created! Thank you so much for your love and action!

    As a co-creator of Natural Play Therapy, I was happily surprised and my heart melted when this post showed up on my news feed!

    Thank you for helping George in such a big way and for sharing the NPT spirit of play!

  2. Avatar

    Janet, thanks for giving me the opportunity to write about this. It is was an honor and encouragement to me.

    Julie and Yvonne, thank you for upholding commitment, humility and respect in your therapeutic approach. You are a good example to us all.

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