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    How about the gift of music? Not necessarily the CD version, but private lessons, individual or group music therapy. Perhaps your grandparent is in a group home, assisted living facility, or nursing home, or maybe your children or grandchildren would like to learn to play the piano or guitar? The gift of music is a perfect gift that will improve self-expression and give much joy. Call a local teacher, your community school of the Arts, or a music therapist.

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      Vicki – Excellent idea! You could never go wrong with that gift! My kiddos love getting their iTunes gift cards to buy music they can enjoy all the time. To give the gift of money to support kids lessons – what a gem! We have been blessed by neighbors and our church that supports and encourages our youth in playing instruments and singing.

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    Janet – Thanks so much for compiling a great list of Christmas ideas! I’m jumping in with Keen Bean and trying out some new coffees (did I say I love coffee?!). Can hardly wait for them to arrive! You have a wonderful website here too. Happy Late Thanksgiving to you and yours!

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